We review: Four new beauty must-haves

We review: Four new beauty must-haves

We all have forever-buys in our beauty arsenals, but when a new product gets rave beauty reviews, the beautyheaven team sits up and pays attention.

Why, you ask? Well, we’re of the opinion that our beauty routines are never complete – there’s always room for improvement, or an extra product or three!

This month, four new products promised to change our beauty routines for the better. The verdict? Well, beautyheaven’s Astrid thinks her hair product is “the most interesting styling spray” she’s ever used, and she’s not the only beauty editor who’s been blown away.

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DermaVeen Extra Gentle Soap Free Wash and DermaVeen Daily Nourish Revive & Protect Body Moisturiser SPF

bh’s Rosie says:

“When I found out that DermaVeen Extra Gentle Soap Free Wash was for dry and sensitive skin, I knew it would be a perfect fit for me. It has a really smooth and nourishing formula that lightly foams when applied to the skin with water. One pump is just enough to cover my whole body, and it’s light, barely-there scent is really pleasant. It’s soap free and pH balanced, so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, tight or itchy after washing. Instead, my skin feels clean, refreshed and moisturised. I’ve been following this body wash with the DermaVeen Daily Nourish Revive & Protect Body Moisturiser SPF 50+ which is also formulated for extra dry and sensitive skin and has the added bonus of SPF50+. It’s rich texture absorbs really quickly and easily into the skin, leaving it feeling immediately hydrated and nourished. I would recommend this body wash and moisturiser duo to anyone with sensitive and dry skin who needs a gentle hit of long-lasting moisture every day.”

UBU (Urban. Beauty. United) Concealer Brush

bh’s Sophie says:

“When you use concealer as much as I do, finding the right brush is SO important. I use concealer to banish dark circles, hide redness, sculpt my features and highlight the arches of my eyebrows. This means I need a firm concealer brush with soft bristles to blur out any flaws.

The UBU Concealer Brush really took me by surprise. It has everything I could ever want it a concealer brush! The soft bristles easily blend in liquid and cream concealer, allowing me seamlessly hide imperfections. The brush is firm which allows for targeted product application. This is incredibly helpful if I need to clean up any fallen eye shadow or fix uneven winged eyeliner. I love to accentuate the arches of my eyebrows by drawing a precise line directly under the arches with concealer, and this concealer brush makes it so easy! I just turn in on its side and draw the concealer on. I would recommend this brush to anyone who is looking for a daily essential to add to their makeup kit.”

Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle

bh’s Astrid says:

“As far as hair products go, I’m a big fan of texturising sprays. I always use one when I style to give my finished look more volume and texture, especially when I’m working with freshly washed hair. Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle is easily the most interesting styling spray I’ve ever used. You know how your roots feel after teasing it? That’s exactly what this product does with just one spray – no kidding. It’s instant root-lifting volume, without the use of a brush. For an everyday look, I’ll just spray it straight into my hair and use my fingers to rough it up a bit. It gives me that just-rolled-out-of-bed texture. For a night out, I’ll spray it onto my roots before styling, since it has built in heat protection. It instantly lifts the height and texture of my hair. Most brilliant part of all? The formula is non-sticky, so it feels like I’ve got nothing in my hair at all!”

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Light Blend

Bh’s Beth says:

“A common concern many women have when it comes to face oil is the fear of it making their skin too oily and breakout prone, so when I heard Trilogy had come out with a lighter version of their hero rosehip oil, I was excited to see if it was a good alternative. Formulated for combination to oily skin, Trilogy Rosehip Oil Light Blend offers the same benefits as the original formula (hydration, skin repair, etc) – but the formula is lighter and fast-absorbing, so you can easily add it to your routine without feeling like you’re overloading your skin with product. I’ve been mixing it into my moisturiser to save time with application, and also patting it straight onto my skin before bed as an overnight treatment once a week. After three weeks, I’ve found it has helped regulate my skin’s oil production and reduced the amount of shininess I get throughout the day (yes, I’m still reaching for the face powder, but not nearly as often). When I use it overnight, it leaves my skin feeling super soft in the morning. It also looks a lot glowier, which means I can get away with less makeup! Unfortunately, I’ve still been getting the odd pimple here and there – but this has always been more of a hormonal issue for me, and I believe the face oil actually helps them to heal faster.”

Which product do you most like the sound of? What new beauty buys have you tried and tested lately?

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