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Eye creams are a crucial part of any skin care addict’s routine. From anti-ageing and dehydration to dark circles; the eye area often shows signs of ageing the earliest. With a huge array of products and ingredients on the market, finding the best eye cream for your specific concerns isn’t necessarily a simple task. So bh’s staff members took one for the team and tested and reviewed three eye creams to help you find your holy grail product. See the reviews below:

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John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift

Tested by bh’s Amber – As my skin ages, I’ve noticed that my under-eye hollows and have dark circles have increased – and there’s only so much concealer you can use! Finding an effective eye cream is absolutely top of my skincare wish-list. With this in mind I was excited to try the new John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift Firming Eye Cream. This fragrance-free formulation is packed with cosmeceutical ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000, which increases collagen production, the peptide Eyeseryl to restore elasticity and Hyaluronic Acid for hydration.

The packaging is spot on – unlike eye creams which come in pots and therefore risk contamination and wastage, John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift Firming Eye Cream comes in a generous 15ml tube, with a small hole to dispense just the right amount of product. After gently massaging the cream around my eye area for three weeks now, I have noticed a marked improvement. The skin under my eyes is plumper and the dark shadows and fine lines are not as pronounced. The difference is even more obvious when wearing makeup, which now works much more effectively on my firmer and more hydrated skin. Unlike other eye creams I’ve tried, the irritation is minimal as it is designed for sensitive skin (I sometimes get watery eyes just after using it.) If buying Australian made and cruelty-fee is important to you, this product also ticks those boxes. I’m definitely going to keep using this cream day and night – it’s a lifesaver!

Youth to the People Age Prevention Superfood Eye Cream

Tested by bh’s Jordyn – I am 23 and an anti-ageing eye cream is probably not quite necessary. However, what I was so interested in about this particular eye cream was the description of ‘age prevention’. I am not addressing fine lines or wrinkles just yet, however dark circles have been something that I have constantly struggled with.  This product is formulated with a superfood blend of nutrients and vitamins, including Tripeptide 5. These ingredients are known to penetrate deeply and stimulate collagen production, combined with hyaluronic acid to add and lock in moisture. I have been using this eye cream morning and night for 4 weeks and have found my dark circles are visibly reduced when I wake up in the morning, and my eye area is generally much brighter. The cream isn’t too thick or heavy so I can apply in the morning immediately before I apply my makeup and it absorbs quickly. I have also noticed that due to increased hydration in the area my foundation, concealer and eyeshadow products (which I wear every single day) sit much more nicely.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery

Tested by bh’s Debbie – Whenever I look at myself in the mirror or in pictures, the one thing I always hate the most are the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. Now, unfortunately I’m fighting a bit of a losing battle as they are genetic (I got ’em from my mama), so even if I can’t totally get rid of them, I’m still constantly on the hunt for something that will help to minimise their appearance.

The entire Advanced Night Repair (ANR) product range has an unbelievable reputation and I’ve loved all the other products I’ve tried in this range, so I did have pretty high expectations for this ‘supercharged’ eye version. To start…the little pot is lovely, looks great on my bathroom counter, although if I’m being super picky, I would prefer it to be in a pump dispenser. The formulation itself feels lovely and light – more like a gel consistency than a cream, but when you apply it to your skin it still feels like it provides more-than-adequate nourishment, and isn’t at all greasy or sticky to the touch. You really don’t need to use too much in one go (the first time I used it I probably used too much – a pea-size for each eye is really all you need) and I applied it to the inner corners of my eyes first, and then lightly tapped it out towards my temples. 

After the first week or so of using the product nightly, my eye area felt extremely well-moisturised and my fine lines – probably a result of dehydration – looked less noticeable. However, it was around the 3-4 week mark that I started to notice that I looked less tired overall and it was purely because some of my puffiness had decreased and the area under my eyes looked clearer and brighter. I’ve continued to use it and the results have maintained themselves – through stressful weeks, early mornings and nights with a toddler who won’t sleep – so I really do believe this product works!! While I haven’t COMPLETELY eradicated my dark circles and puffiness, when it is just part of your genetic make up I don’t believe any product can do that, but the results that I’ve seen have been more noticeable than with a lot of other products I’ve tried. So I’ll definitely be recommending this little pot of gold!!

What is your biggest eye concern? Do you have a holy-grail eye cream?

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  1. Currently using a Mukti one and I love the smell of it!! It also is great around the eyes – all over them and the lids and everywhere which is a big thing with eye products for me as I like to just be able to treat the skin all around the eye.

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