5 sneaky steps to firmer skin

5 sneaky steps to firmer skin

As we age, the skin on our face goes through many changes. Slowly but surely, fine lines and wrinkles start to form, dark spots pop up, and dullness sets in. Oh, and to top it off, thanks to a combo of gravity and ageing, you may notice your skin sagging – and wonder what happened to your once-youthful complexion.

Basically, our skin starts to sag as the years go by because the fat, collagen and elastin begin to break down. But stress less, because there are some sneaky things you can do to keep your skin perfectly plump!


One of the side effects of ageing is that our skin cells struggle to retain water – the kind of water that is vital if you want firm skin. Rehydrate your complexion by adding a nourishing serum into your routine both morning and night, and don’t forget to sip water all day, every day.

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When you’re on the treadmill, be wary of how you hold your neck. If you tend to strain your neck while you work out, you’re strengthening those muscles that eventually make your skin sag downwards. Avoid this by relaxing your shoulders and tensing your abdominal muscles instead. (Oh look, abs!)


Trust, us we get it – now the mornings and nights are cooler, it’s so tempting to have long, hot showers. Bliss! But unfortunately, exposing your skin to water for a prolonged period of time can weaken your skin’s protective barrier, making it more susceptible to damage from pollutants and the sun’s rays. Keep showers to five minutes max, and don’t let the water directly hit your face.


Over time, our skin produces collagen at a slower rate. Collagen is responsible for giving skin that plump, smooth look and ‘springy’ feel. Thankfully, an ingredient called retinol works by stimulating collagen production and regenerating fresh, new cells. Try using an overnight cream that contains the anti-ageing ingredient to give your skin a boost of moisture and a visibly firmer appearance upon waking.

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If you’re partial to an afternoon coffee-and-cake, try cutting down on your sugar intake. It has been shown that sugars like corn syrup, dextrose and fruit juice concentrate can prematurely age skin by weakening collagen and elastin. Yikes! Opt for a piece of fruit or a cup of herbal tea to satisfy your sweet tooth instead.

Would you like a tighter complexion? Will you be trying any of these tricks?

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