Water works

Water works

We’d all love to find a way to avoid the telltale signs of ageing, right? Well before you get too excited, thinking that I’m about to reveal the answer, I’m not but I do have some insider advice on a key ingredient that can help delay some of the signs associated with mature skin.

Say hello to hyaluronic acid! This ingredient is a hero when it comes to skincare and needless to say it’s quickly gaining popularity. Hyaluronic acid (or HA as it’s referred to by the cool kids) is a natural substance found in our body’s connective tissue and is vital for maintaining collagen and keeping skin moisturised – both of which help to prevent worrisome wrinkles.

Because hyaluronic acid has the ability to absorb a thousand times its weight in water, it hydrates the skin, leaving it plumped and youthful looking. However, as HA is produced naturally in the body (just like other essentials such as collagen and elastin) as we age the level of production diminishes, effecting the skin’s ability to hold moisture and resulting in those pesky wrinkles we so love to hate.

So it’s no surprise that HA has become an active ingredient to look out for in skincare products. Some of the brands that include HA in their ingredient list include Nivea Visage Vital, Alpha-H, L’Oreal Paris Derma Genesis, Proactiv Solution, Declare Switzerland, and Dermalogica.

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