Water baby

Water baby

Brought to you by Noble’s Pureau, Australia’s Purest Water
Let’s be honest the second thing that comes to mind (after hair) when the races roll around is a glass of bubbly. Of course, we’re all for a party – you saw the hullabaloo surrounding our first birthday – but not at the expensive of our skin’s hydration.
Good skin after all is the perfect accessory for any occasion. So, we’re introducing some H2O – care of these moisturising marvels – where it’s needed the most: before and after the races. 


Flaky, dry skin is so not a good look so snap up a good facial water spray such as Avène Thermal Spring Water
to help to soothe, refresh and re-hydrate dry skin in an instant.  NIVEA Visage Aqua Sensation Moisturising Gel Cream instantly invigorates the skin, eliminating all traces of tired, dull skin to leave a fresher, rejuvenated you to show off. SK-II Aqua Physics Hydrating Gel uses profusion technology to swiftly and effectively deliver moisture, locking it in, keeping skin moist and supple throughout the day. And if you need that extra moisture hit, slather on APIVITA Revitalising Aqua Plus Face Mask With Cucumber for a deeply moisturising and vitalising boost.


It’s not just your face that needs remembering in the moisture stakes, your body does too, and it doesn’t come much better than
drenching your limbs in Ella Baché Water Source Crème. It restores moisture levels to even the most parched skin. St. Ives Fresh H20 Body Moisturiser is a great one-hit wonder, that needn’t be reapplied throughout the day, to ensure skin is soft and smooth. Dove Go Fresh Cool Body Wash is scented with waterlily and fresh mint and the light, cooling formula helps to waken up tired and dull skin. Clinique Water Therapy Whipped Body Cream is a gorgeously luxurious body moisturiser that deeply hydrates to leave skin silky. It contains activated white birch water, which aids the skin’s ability to re-establish and retain its natural moisture balance.


The only way to achieve truly healthy skin is to team beauty and lifestyle together; the easiest way to do that? Basically drink lots of water – at least 2 litres every day. But think of water as you do your cosmetics: you don’t just rush out and buy whatever you fancy; you do the research and want only the purest and best for your skin. That’s why we recommend Noble’s Pureau Water. It’s
the only Australian bottled water that is 100 per cent guaranteed to be completely free of all impurities (that includes chlorine, bacteria, salt, fluoride, nitrates and other nasties present in most waters). No mean feat hey? In fact, Pureau is so dedicated and adamant that its water is the purest (and tastiest) water in Australia that they get it tested daily; yep every single day, an independent laboratory tests it for purity. We were so bowled over by it that we wanted to share it with you lovely ladies (we just know that – like us – pure, gorgeous and glowing skin is what you’re after). And now you know how to get it.

Noble’s Pureau is available in all supermarkets in super-convenient five and 10 litre cardboard casks, so you can be a green queen too. For more information, check out www.noblebeverages.com.au

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