Warm weather worries – page 3

Warm weather worries – page 3

With the warmer weather comes an inevitable shift in our routines. Rosy blush makes way for brighter corals, plum varnish is tossed for tangerine and super-duper hydrating moisturisers are swapped for light oil-free face-savers.  
We chatted to the experts in make-up, hair, skin and bodycare to find out why you need to change it up these summer holidays.

Skin & Body

We got the low down from the experts; Emma Hobson – Education Manager, The International Dermal Institute and Liane Scior – Director of Education & Marketing, Pevonia Botanica.

What changes, if any, should be made to our skin routine in the lead up to summer?

Hobson says, “Since summer skin most likely means increased dehydration and fine lines, the skin can resemble more of a raisin than a moist grape. Easily fixed however by simply topping up the skins moisture levels with products that contain Hyaluronic Acid, a great ingredient that can hold a 1,000 times its own weight in moisture (found in treatment masks, skin hydrating boosters, toners, light textured daily moisturisers) and then sealing in the moisture with a moisturiser that repairs the skins natural barrier so not allowing any more of that vital moisture to escape.
Since you can experience a few more breakouts in summer use a clay based cleanser (for oily skin) they are fantastic at absorbing excess oil and draw out the impurities they can also be used as a mini masque by leaving it on for 5 minutes before removing.
Tweak your routine; for dehydration by increasing the use of your spritz hydrating toner, keep a travel size in your handbag and give your skin a spray every hour or so. Be sure to pick up the exfoliation of the body to a daily body buffing session in the shower, this will keep the skin soft and silky smooth. For the face try using a microfoliation product daily it will polish the skin remove any dirt or debris without causing increased sensitivity.”

Scior advises that, “the sun produces a free radical called hydroxyl radical and this is particularly aggressive on the support proteins of the skin. It is said to account for approx 95% of skin ageing. Dosing your skin with ingredients such as: Vitamins A, C and E help to disarm this free radical.”

What skin solutions are available for people suffering from dry/dehydrated skin who are afraid that summer may exasperate the condition?

Hobson recommends, “focusing on exfoliation with either a daily skin polish with microfoliation or use an hydroxy acid exfoliant preferably with lactic and salycilic acid (helps with dehydration and pigmentation). Removing the dead, dull skin cells and increasing cell turn over keeps the skin fresh and vital. In addition think moisture supplementation with hydrating gel masques, boosters, spritz toners and moisturisers.”

Whilst Scior says, “summer will exacerbate dehydration as the skin looses vital moisture via the sweat glands. Product rich in hyaluronic are ideal as they bind moisture to the skin keeping it well hydrated throughout the day and into the night. Drinking plenty of water will also keep the body and skin hydrated in summer.”

Are there any skin/facial treatments that you highly recommend pre summer to help skin stay in shape through beach season?

Pevonia Plantomer Facial is one of the best pre-summer treatments to keep skin calm and refined for summer.  The propolis concentrate helps to strengthen and fortify the skin and the seaweed moves sluggish circulation, which in turn oxygenates from within. But the most important treatment is the one you give your skin at home each day.  Keep the skin clean and protected during summer and your skin will look more radiant,” recommends Scior.

Hobson advises, “a prescriptive skin treatment that focuses on hydration is recommended. It should include a professional exfoliation preferably with hydroxy acids and or vitamin A as well as a specialised masque therapy using hydrating serums layered with gel masques and a setting masque to seal in all the goodies. Some centers also provide some terrific treatments that include micro current or galvanic therapy, which has the ability to increase the penetration of active hydrating ingredients.”

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