How Visine Eye Drops can help acne and dark circles


Visine (aka those life-saving drops that clear up your red and itchy eyes) can be used to help your acne and dark circles. We know, we know,  it sounds way to good to be true but stay with us on this, it’s a hack you’ll want to hear…

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Allure spoke with David Bank, a New York dermatologist, who says a couple of drops of Visine patted under your eyes can work wonders. “Broken or dilated blood vessels under your eyes often cause or contribute to dark circles, especially if your skin is very fair,” David told Allure. “Visine constricts blood vessels, so it’ll make that less obvious.”

But before you get too excited, it’s important to note that Visine works on dark circles that stem from blood vessels, but it won’t get rid of dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation or your good old genetics.

Sporting some red and angry acne right now? Visine can tackle that too. “Visine also takes the red out of pimples,” David told Allure. So while it won’t reduce your acne or pimples, it can make them look less obvious (which, let’s be real, is all you’re really hoping for when an ill-timed pimple comes your way).

So now you can stock up on Visine Eye Drops ($5.49, to sort out your sore and tired eyes AND reduce the appearance of your acne and dark circles. What a nifty little bottle to have handy!

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