10 beauty products you didn’t know you needed this month


Is there a better feeling in the world than discovering a new game changing beauty product? Nope, not that we can think of.

Here are some products we’ve decided we cannot live without (and thought you should know about too!).

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Sensori Plus FRESHIELD™ Mask Sanitiser Byron Bay Breeze 2481

Keep your mask fresh and sanitised with Sensori’s exclusive ChlorosPURE® detoxifying technology, which eliminates 99.9 per cent of bacteria, airborne toxins and breath smell from your face mask. 

But, that’s not all…

It’s also formulated with salicylic acid and soothing aloe vera, to help prevent and heal mask related congestion and breakouts AKA ‘maskne’. 

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Oil Garden Balance & Harmony

Bring balance and harmony to your home or work environment with this pure essential oil blend. 

Formulated with rose geranium, lavender, chamomile and orange to help create an escape and calm the mind.

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EpZen Sleep Body Spray

The perfect addition to your bedtime routine, this body spray is formulated with 100 per cent natural essential oils and magensium to help you unwind and drift off into a deep slumber. 

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Magnesium Power Magnesium Gel

For post-exercise recovery, easing of cramps, muscle or joint pain, this 100 per cent natural magensium gel provides fast, targeted relief to affected areas. 

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Abeeco Bee Venom & Glucosamine

Formulated with New Zealand bee venom for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits, this daily supplement help to maintain joint function and healthy cartilage. 

It’s suitable for those seeking improvements with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains and general wear and tear.

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Summer’s Eve Daily Freshness Intimate Wash

For every woman’s intimate cleansing needs, this gynaecologist-tested, hypoallergenic and soap-free wash will gently refresh the vaginal area without causing irritation. 

Leaving you clean, fresh and confident. 

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Vagisil Itch Relief Intimate Wipes

Individually wrapped, these wipes are the perfect addition to your handbag when you are on the go. They’re enriched with soothing oatmeal, calendula and chamomile to provide a protective barrier to prevent further itch and irritation.

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ulta3 Moisturising Lipstick

This afforable favourite provides rich, velvety colour while locking in moisture to keep the lips hydrated. 

Available in over 40 shades. 

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MUD Blush

This all-in-one blush is made up of three different shades to sculpt, define and contour the face, while delivering a natural flush of colour to the cheeks.

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Billie Goat Soap Hand & Body Wash

Ideal for your bathroom vanity or kitchen bench, this hand and body wash is formulated to keep skin hydrated and smoothed with Australian goat’s milk and nourishing oils.

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Main image credit: @meccacosmetica Have you tried any of these products?  

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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  1. Not surprised there is a mask sanitizer. It’s so 2020! I’m getting little breakouts thanks to the joys of masking. Some moisturisers are a no no with my mask. The heat the masks generates makes when skincare and makeup sweat off skin.

  2. I've gone through a few tubes of Ulta3 Green Magic lippy. It turns bright pink & the longevity is amazing! I often wear it as a lip stain under other bright lippies to increase their longevity.

  3. I had to go to store to buy the strong stuff ie Witch Hazel to get risk of my acne. Many will say that it is too harsh for skin but exfoliating more often was not helping.

    The mask sanitiser may be very popular for the rest of the year and going into next year.

  4. I have used the intimate wipes a few times now, great for after the gym, or between finishing work and heading out for drinks, and even camping . The feel really soothing and calming on any skin. Im keen to try the wash

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