Ultraceuticals skin challenge – 90 day progress report: Fine lines

Ultraceuticals skin challenge – 90 day progress report: Fine lines

bh member – Kassalee

My fifth consultation began with a thorough cleansing of my skin followed by progress photos. I was then given a Hydro-Brasion skin treatment. Hydro-Brasion combines the power of dry and wet creating a powerful skin resurfacing treatment – a form of controlled mechanical exfoliation and suction technology to gently abrade the skin, revealing fresher, smoother, more even skin for increased product penetration. Following Hydro-Brasion, their Even Skintone Serum was infused into my skin. This serum targets dull and uneven skin tone to clarify, removes surface shine and refines skin clarity.

An A-Zyme (peel) treatment was next. The A-Zyme Peel combines retinol (proven effective anti-ageing ingredient) with bromelain (potent anti-inflammatory) to refresh, hydrate and plump skin. Quite a workout on the skin today! I was to cease using any of my active homecare products that contained vitamins A and C or AHA and BHA for five to seven days following the peel.

A new product was added to my homecare products – Even Skintone Serum Mild – the product that had been infused into my skin today. As it contains AHAs and BHAs, it could not be commenced for a week. I was to use it on alternate days to begin with – in the morning, immediately after cleansing. This is a treatment product containing potent ingredients to instantly exfoliate, clarify and refine the surface of the skin.

After the five-to-seven-day wait, I could also recommence the Ultra C10+ Firming Serum on a daily basis – I had been using it on alternate days for the last four weeks.

Three weeks later, I had my sixth consultation, where my skin was cleansed and photos were taken. As [my therapist] Lynda hadn’t seen my [skin’s] progress, it was exciting to see her reaction. Very positive. Again, I was given the Hydra-Brasion treatment followed by the A-Zyme (peel) treatment and then an infusion of vitamin C using UltraSonophoresis.

The only change to my skin routine was to increase the Even Skintone Serum Mild from alternate days to daily – after my five to seven days of ceasing any products with active ingredients. For the last two treatment visits, I have also been using the Ultra Replenishing Mask and I’ve found it most beneficial in providing instant comfort and soothing my skin during the recovery phase.

On my last consultation, my photos were compared to the last visit, and I was interested to see if there had been any improvement since commencing the Even Skintone Serum. After five weeks of use (as well as the infusion) there was a visible reduction in the size of my pores, particularly from my nose across to my cheeks!

The therapist went through my skin care program, allowing me to ask any questions or raise any concerns about the take-home products or the in-salon treatments. It was a very thorough follow up and it felt quite sad to be walking through the door of Ultraceuticals HQ for the last time.

My skin has settled down in the last four to six weeks. I haven’t suffered [from] any breakouts and have had no irritation or issues using the Ultra C10+Firming Serum and the Even Skintone Serum Mild daily. As mentioned, my pores have reduced in size and the fine lines around my eyes have lessened. I no longer suffer from oily shine by the afternoon and I can see a reduction in the redness on my face, particularly around the nose area. I am delighted with the overall results!

Prior to commencing this 90-day program, my primary skin concerns were fine lines and dull-looking skin along with pigmentation developing from sun damage and redness, as well as sagging skin. This treatment program has addressed all these issues and more. My fine lines are reduced and even those deeper ones (worry lines between the eyebrows) show a slight lessening, which may be due to the plumping of my skin.

I’m surprised at how my redness has reduced significantly – around the nose particularly – as I hadn’t been using any products specifically targeting redness. I had some pigmentation spots from sun damage and one of the photo series taken shows the pigmentation and sun damage beneath the surface of your skin (it’s quite confronting) which will surface in 10 to 15 years. I’m so happy to report that my before and after shots of pigmentation show a dramatic difference – maybe up to a 50 per cent reduction! Even though on the surface you only see a slight reduction in the few spots visible, I know what’s going on underneath and I’m confident with continued use of Ultraceuticals products, this now won’t be a major concern for me in the next five to 10 years!

I have the beginnings of sagging skin at the sides of my mouth toward the jawline and with the products I’ve been given to plump my skin, these are not as noticeable. Overall the appearance of my skin has improved markedly with it now having a radiant and healthy glow. The surface of my skin is smoother and the texture is more even. It looks refreshed – no longer tired. This has been achieved using non-invasive and non-surgical treatments which I wouldn’t have thought possible.

I will continue using the Ultraceuticals products which, considering the results, are worth the investment. The in-salon treatments are important to the effectiveness of the product, but probably something I will not be able to continue.

As well as being impressed by the products, I am in awe of the philosophy of Ultraceuticals – they don’t just deliver effective and affordable skin care and treatments, but they also transform people’s lives. They believe it’s never too late to start caring for your skin, regardless of your age.

I’m extremely happy and appreciative of Ultraceuticals and beautyheaven to have been able to participate in this trial and see it through to the end and beyond. Thank you!

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Ultraceuticals for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

Reviews have been altered to reduce length.

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  1. I can spot the difference in the before and after treatment! Well done and I think this is on my list next month and let’s see if I can get satisfying results

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