Ultraceuticals skin challenge – 90 day progress report: Acne


bh member – Shanae375

My skin is glowing and it’s not just me who’s noticed – I’ve started getting comments from friends and family which is incredible. I have religiously followed the at-home program which still consists of [the] Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser both morning and night – you double cleanse at night if you wear heavy make-up. I still love this product. It is soft on the skin and is so easy [to use] – no scrubbing necessary! I apply the Ultra Clear Treatment each morning, followed by the Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser. Now that I’ve introduced the Vitamin A Serum my skin is quite sensitive – especially to the sun – so SPF 30+ is a must. I’ve said before that the beauty about this product is that it’s actually a moisturiser and does not at all feel like a sunscreen. I have no hesitation to slip, slop, slap every morning now!

My nightly routine is very similar. After a good cleanse, I alternate between the Vitamin A Serum and the Ultra Hydrating Lotion. I find my skin is slowly building up a tolerance to the Vitamin A Serum, but applying it every night makes my skin peel slightly. I’m not getting any pimples the morning after I use the serum which is another good sign that my skin is adjusting. When I do get a very rare pimple, I apply the Ultra Clear Spot Treatment or instead wear the Ultra Clear Purifying Mask at night. They vanish within a day or two!

I went in for my final in-salon treatment at the 10-week mark which was another vitamin A infusion. Peeling and slight redness started two days after the treatment. Over the weeks, my skin is a lot more sensitive – not painful – so the treatments tend to be more potent. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone with pigmentation who wants to target acne-prone skin. I’ve been incredibly impressed [at] how these products and treatments have lightened and almost cleared my pigmentation! One minute, I had so many freckles and the next, I have a lot less and you barely see those that remain.

Twelve weeks had passed and I went into the salon to get my final progress photos which I was so excited for. The photos speak for themselves really, but I’m going to tell you anyway! My skin is so bright, my skin tone is even and the redness has calmed down. My pigmentation has faded and, in places, disappeared – not to mention the pimples have cleared! I do still get the occasional one, but I’m okay with that. I’ll have my Ultra Clear Purifying Mask and Ultra Clear Spot Treatment ready at the go whenever they do come now! If I could describe my skin today with one word, it would be… luminous! My skin is luminous, I am so thankful for the Ultraceuticals team. The difference their products and treatments make to your skin is truly life-changing and a credit to their work.

I will continue to use Ultraceuticals and I’m set to book in my next salon treatment at an Ultraceuticals stockist very soon! I’d recommend Ultraceuticals to anyone. Whether you’re looking for a new skin care range or not, do yourself a favour and try it.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Ultraceuticals for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

Reviews have been altered to reduce length.

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