Ultraceuticals skin challenge – 30 day progress report: Fine lines


bh member – Kassalee

Fine lines and dull-looking skin head my skin concerns. Turning 55 shortly after commencing this skin challenge, I’ve noticed sagging of the skin and there is also sun damage and I’m prone to redness.

I had heard of the brand Ultraceuticals but knew nothing about their products, other than being Australian – which was a good start! I purposely didn’t research the brand prior, as I didn’t want to have any unrealistic expectations. But I couldn’t resist having a look at some of their RVR90 (Real Visible Results) before and after photos – to see what photos would be taken and used.

My hope was that [the products] would improve the look and feel of my skin and the salon treatments would give it a rejuvenation that I otherwise would not have access to. I’d been using multiple skin care products from various brands and was hopeful that I would discover a complete skin care range that would be beneficial.

It’s been a very positive experience to have the expertise of a consultant to analyse my skin, tailor products to use at home and schedule in-salon treatments. The products to use at home are also adjusted with changes being made as to usage and additional products added as needed.

At my first consultation with Lynda, my skin was assessed, thoroughly cleansed, photos [were] taken and then I had my first in-salon treatment. Microdermabrasion was first, followed by Ultrasonophoresis. Ultrasonophoresis is a painless and fast-acting treatment whereby low frequency ultrasonic vibrations are used to optimise the absorption (up to 1000x greater than if manually applied) of active ingredients – vitamins A and C were infused. There is a soft high-pitched sound and the sensation is like a mild tickling of the skin. I found it quite pleasant and relaxing. My skin was a little red after, but this had subsided by the following day. I was given my products to use at home which were all fully explained to me – how to apply, how much to use and when to use. I was not to commence the products containing the active ingredients of vitamin A and C for five days, as I had been given an infusion of them into my skin with the in-salon treatment.

During my second appointment two weeks later, my skin was cleansed and [more] photos [were] taken and already an improvement could be seen – [there was] slightly less redness and my skin on the lower cheeks and jawline [were] looking better already. My treatment was the A-Zyme Peel which combines fast-acting potent ingredients of Retinol and Bromelian (fruit enzyme from pineapple) applied to the skin (smelt like choc-chip cookie dough) and left on for 10 minutes. I was given a sheet explaining my after-care and told not to use my home products that contained active ingredients for five days – the Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum and the Ultra C Firming Eye Cream.

During my third appointment four weeks later, my skin was cleansed and [more] photos [were] taken. Once again a slight change could be seen. There was a plumpness in my skin and the clarity of my skin was improving. It’s uplifting to see results after only a month. I was given another A-Zyme treatment, but [it was] left on for only five minutes and this time the Ultrasonophoresis was used to ‘push’ it into the skin.

My home products regimen was altered to now use the nightly Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum Mild every night, rather than on alternate nights. I was given an additional product to use on alternate mornings after cleansing – the Ultra C10+ Firming Serum. Once again, my active ingredient products were to be ceased for five days following my in-salon treatment.

My skin has experienced some breakouts (purging!) and as warned by the after-care sheet for the A-Zyme peel, I did experience redness and some slight discomfort of heat and itchiness and minimal peeling – initially for a few days after the first one, but only for a day after the second one. After a month of using the products and having in-clinic treatments, my skin has settled down and is feeling soft and hydrated. There is no tight feeling and it’s looking healthier and more radiant than before. I’m feeling confident that it’s responding well to both the in-salon treatments and the home products. 

Stay tuned for our triallers’ 60 day progress reviews!

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