Inside beautyheaven: your ultimate skincare and more

Inside beautyheaven: your ultimate skincare and more

Going to the hairdressers isn’t always about hair. Not when you’re sitting in front of a mirror for hours at a time. Confronting isn’t it? Swathed in a cape and hair swept back, there’s only one thing to look at: the state of your skin.

Pores, capillaries, oil flow, redness, pigmentation, breakout, flakiness, there’s always something to stare at. And it seems no matter what age we’re at, there is always something to obsess over. It starts with freckles or pimples and turns into sunspots and wrinkles. Depressing huh?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. We’re the luckiest generation of all with access to products that comfort, protect and revive skin better than ever before. Best of all, no matter what your budget, there is effective, quality skincare to suit every concern.

That’s why we’re devoting this week’s issue of beautyheaven to skin. From dealing with rosacea and acne to what products suit your skin type best, we’ve asked top Australian experts about the latest ways to achieve, and keep, your very best skin ever.

And because we love to share, we’re giving you the chance to ask your very own skincare questions of Dr Garry Cussell from the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic. A cosmetic physician with a keen interest in non-surgical cosmetic therapies, Dr Cussell will be live in the bh forum between 6.30pm and 7pm tomorrow night so start dreaming up those questions now.

Of course it’s not all serious business here at bh. Thanks for the wonderful response to our first ever Office Gossip last week. Because you liked it so much, we’re back with another round of what’s hot and what’s not in our heavenly world. Here’s a hint, there’s a musical on our minds and a skin fix on our faces.

What’s on your skin today?  

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