Turn the spotlight on your skin

Turn the spotlight on your skin

There’s no better time than a change of season to reassess and address your skin concerns. Post-summer skin tends to be dry, tight and may even be suffering from sunlight-induced pigmentation. So in spite of the fact you may not be happy that the winter months are winding their way to your doorstep quicker than you might like, think positively about the possible skin benefits of a ‘new season skin evaluation’.

If you’re not one of those women who religiously books in for a facial every six weeks, you’re not alone – in fact you’re probably part of the majority. Nevertheless, making the time to visit a skin therapist for a facial at the start of each new season will certainly see your skin looking more radiant.

Your skin health can change based on the season, your inner health and your life stage (i.e. during pregnancy, when breastfeeding, during menopause etc), so it’s important to note external changes and amend your skin regime to suit.

Don’t have a rigorous skin care routine? That’s okay. Even if your skin regime involves just two steps: wash face, apply moisturiser, you can change your products to bring about skin benefits. But the whole point about making the effort to book in for a quarterly facial in sync with the changing seasons, is to identify your skin needs and issues.

I recently had an Eminence facial to turn the spotlight on my post-summer skin. The timing was perfect; Eminence has just released a range of new cleansers and moisturisers (Firm Skin, Calm Skin, and Clear Skin) that offer a fully targeted skin care regime, and as with all Eminence products, they contain organic ingredients that are good for skin health.

My skin was treated to a facial using the Firm Skin VitaSkin solution, which helps to address many of the telltale signs of ageing like loss of elasticity, dehydration, fine lines and a dull complexion.

Despite the myriad products used during my facial my skin wasn’t left feeling heavy or overburdened – instead it felt revived, plumped, nourished and smooth.

One of the key elements of having a facial is not just how wonderful your skin feels post facial (although that is, of course, a massive benefit and the main reason for forking out) but the renewed determination to let after and care for your skin.

Isn’t it about time you turned the spotlight on your skin?

How often do you have a facial – if at all?

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