This is how to spring clean your beauty routine – page 3

This is how to spring clean your beauty routine – page 3


Mix up your foundation shade

The rule of thumb for transitioning your foundation from winter to spring is to slowly adjust the shade to a warmer tone. “Most women will need to transition to a deeper foundation shade moving from winter into spring and then summer,” says Alphie Sadsad, Pro Artist at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. “While some women are happy to have a ‘foundation wardrobe’ (a selection of shades and formulas) readily on hand, most women only want to have their summer and winter options. As you move into spring and your skin starts to tan, warm your winter shade using a bronzer applied on the forehead, cheekbones, down the nose ([and] anywhere you’d naturally get sun-kissed). Once summer arrives, that’s the time to move to a deeper foundation shade,” he suggests.

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Opt for an oil-free formulation

Avoid that 3pm oil slick with an oil-free formula. “Look for foundations that are oil-free and contain SPF. To avoid excess oil as the weather starts to warm up, set foundation with a skin tone correct powder,” suggests Alphie.

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Clean out your make-up bag

Wipe down your grubby-looking product packaging with make-up wipes, give your brushes a wash, and check expiry dates on your products. “Give your make-up brushes a good clean either using a brush shampoo or baby shampoo (don’t use standard shampoo as this may leave a coating on bristles). Also, check your mascara – remember mascara only has a shelf-life of three months once opened.”

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Rethink your shades

Haven’t worn that turqoise eyeshadow in the past three months? It might be time to toss it or pass it onto a friend. “Look through the colours [of your eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks] and pull out anything that you’re not using regularly (at least once or twice a week),” says Alphie. “Ask yourself why: is it that you don’t like the shade (time to pass it on) or because you’re not sure how to use it? If this is the case, visit a cosmetic counter for tips. At Bobbi Brown we offer a How To – Makeup Bag Makeover. Simply bring in your make-up bag and our artists will help you streamline and update your beauty routine with the essential products that will make the most of what you have to achieve different looks.”

Are you inspired to spring clean your beauty routine? What are your tips for changing up your routine for the warmer months?

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