3 Anti-Ageing Habits Trinny Woodall Credits For Her Youthful Skin


You may know Trinny Woodall as the woman behind the sell-out beauty brand Trinny London. Or perhaps you’ve read her column in the paper, seen her on TV, read one of her books, or just recognise her youthful and luminous complexion from your Instagram feed.  

Often using herself as the model, makeup artist and cameraman in her Instagram beauty how-tos, Trinny begins each video sitting under a fluorescent light without a skerrick of makeup on. 

And while we’re fascinated to learn all her tips and tricks for applying her dual-purpose Lip2Cheek Pots ($45, Trinny London), it’s the steps prior to painting her face that have us really curious. 

Lucky for us, Trinny recently spoke to The Daily Mail’s FEMAIL and broke down the ins and outs of her lengthy skin care routine.

From the ingredients and methods she swears by, to the ones that will jeopardise your health decades from now, here are all of her anti-ageing secrets.

  1. A consistent skin care routine

If you were hoping to achieve Trinny’s youthful complexion in just a few steps, we regret to inform you that it’s a little more involved. 

In discussing her active ingredient-rich and daily facial massage regimen, Trinny admitted, “my skin care routine is complicated.”

She starts her mornings with a cleansing balm and vitamin C serum, followed by her best-selling tinted moisturiser, the BFF Skin Perfector ($65, Trinny London). 

While she doesn’t mention the exact brands she uses, we love the Glow Lab Age Renew® Cleansing Balm ($12, Chemist Warehouse) and Alpha-H’s Vitamin C ($71.96, Adore Beauty). 

At night, it’s all about the double cleanse and layering of actives. “I clean my skin twice at night – once with a balm and then with an AHA BHA PHA gel,” she said. We recommend Some Bi Mi Real Cica 92% Cool Calming Soothing Gel ($23.90, Lila Beauty) for the latter.

Next, “I will do a little acid, retinol and finish with a peptide,” she concluded.

bh loves: Skin Republic Retinol Hydrogel Face Mask ($12.99, Skin Republic) and BOOST LAB Multi Peptide Anti-Ageing Serum ($29.95, Adore Beauty). 

As for the application technique, Trinny goes beyond just a light patting and dabbing of serums.

By hand, with a gua sha or the microcurrent device NuFace Trinity ($449, Currentbody.com.au), Trinny explained  “I am always slapping my face around, I do a lot of lymphatic drainage. For me it’s about lifting and continuity.” 

And her secret to success? Discipline. “If people use [these] things once every two weeks then nothing is going to happen, don’t bother,”  she said.

  1. Preventative Botox

Refreshingly, Trinny has no qualms sharing about her injectable treatments.

“I’ve done Botox since I was 35,” she revealed. “I started it because I had very, very bad forehead movement when I started in TV and I have a deep forehead.”

Even though it was a relatively new procedure at the time, Trinny credits the injectables for her crease-free forehead. “Back then Botox was embryonic but I thought why not? I’m now 58 and I never got lines on my forehead as a result.” 

  1. Eliminating sugar 

Though Trinny relies on many ingredients to support the health of her skin, there is one she insists on leaving out: sugar. 

“Most people if they have rosacea or blemishes or anything like that, sugar is a major inflamer,” she explained, adding that sugar’s destructive impact on the skin has been relatively overlooked in comparison to that of alcohol, cigarettes and sun damage.

“When women go through menopause, inflammation is much more noticeable. So if I eat a chocolate full of s**t, my ankles swell because I feel the inflammation.”

But is turning down dessert as easy as tuning in to your body? Well, for Trinny it is. “If my body is telling me not to take the second bar [of chocolate], I do listen. It’s not about depriving people from the joys of life but it is about balance.” 

So what does she do to fill the void left by these sweet treats? Dark chocolate and apple slices with peanut butter.

Speaking of the longer-term health impacts, Trinny also revealed:, “I want to be 80 running up the hill and I want to help women appreciate the holistic approach while reducing our sugar levels because the inflammatory markers are the basis of many serious illnesses.” 

And at 58 looking as good as she does, we’re definitely taking notes. 

Main image credit: @trinnylondon

What do you think of Trinny’s anti-ageing practices? What are yours?

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    • Botox is not plastic surgery. I think it is considered just as injectable treatment for wrinkle prevention. Surgery is more invasive, involves some form of invasive manipulation of bodily structure. People use botox for migraines, sweating etc. No surgery there.

  1. She is in great condition for 58! Wish I had started botox at 35, I wouldn’t have the eleven lines in between my eyebrows. At least she is honest and I think right about avoiding sugar. Another thing I haven’t done!

    • would be great to see her in real life! I find her quite fascinating and so motivated to keep herself ‘just so’ – way beyond the efforts that I think I’d ever do. I def don’t do the botox thing and it’s just that it seems so unresearched into the long term use for something that may not really be essential.

  2. PS I have never had botox not wish to. Yes botox injections are classed as surgical as there is a toxic substance and several needles and only specially trained people (medical professional) should be doing them. Hit the wrong muscle or nerve and it can get hectic!

  3. Trinny Woodall has amazing Skin and she does have some very good advice, one thing I do have is a consistent Skin Care Routine would very much like to have Botox done around my mouth and some work done on spider veins. Definitely need to reduce my intake of Sugar in my diet.

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