Tried and tested: make-up loving facial


Facials and make-up are usually not the best of friends. In fact, after a facial, therapists often advise going barefaced for the following 12 hours to give treatment products chance to work. Which is why many of us prefer an end-of-day appointment when we can retreat to our homes and keep our shiny, over-stimulated skin to ourselves.

So news of a hydration-boosting, make-up loving facial from Australian skincare innovators Intraceuticals that you can have at lunchtime or before a big night out had me instantly on board. Especially since the Intraceuticals Infusion® treatment is suitable for all skin types.

After a double cleanse and massage, the facialist airbrushes a serum on to the skin. If you’ve ever had foundation applied by a make-up artist using an airbrush you’ll be familiar with the slight tickling sensation but that’s where the similarities end. Oh, and the rhythmic air pump is noisy but strangely soothing as you recline.

Intraceuticals uses high-pressure, therapeutic-grade hyperbaric oxygen, just like you’d find in an intensive care unit, to interact with the brand’s hydrating Rejuvenation Serum. The blend of hyaluronic acid – currently enjoying popularity thanks to the fact it occurs naturally in the skin and has the ability to carry other ingredients – plus green tea and vitamins A, C and E, is rich in antioxidants so free radicals don’t stand a chance.

This reaction between the serum and medical-grade oxygen is said to boost new cell growth while enhancing elastin and collagen production, which in turn make for a plumper, firmer skin. That’s actually why this treatment is so compatible with make-up – it helps create a smooth, hydrated canvas, meaning fewer fine lines for product to sit in. And it can be safely used on the eye and lip areas to deliver a quick hit of moisture there too.

No wonder the Sex and The City actresses were lining up for this before their heavy screen make-up was applied. As make-up artist Kris Evans, who worked on the film, says, “I did treatments on Sarah Jessica Parker and Kirsten Davis and the results were fantastic. It has been really helpful to hydrate the skin before applying make-up for a photoshoot or long day on a movie set.”

While I didn’t have the pressure of a close up looming, I did like the way my complexion was a more even shade than when I’d arrived so that’s one big tick from me. And as far as texture goes, my skin is quite firm anyway but it certainly did feel smoother and springier to the touch immediately after.

But the best was yet to come with the most impressive results visible when I woke the next morning. Even after a hot shower, my cheeks were less pink than usual and yes, my make-up did glide on like a dream. Just call me SJP.

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