Trial team: Pier Auge Soin Hydration Fondamental

Trial team: Pier Auge Soin Hydration Fondamental

The product: Pier Auge Soin Hydration Fondamental
The price: $155.30
The tester: Chris, 34.
The verdict…

A hydrating moisturiser containing proteins that earned its pioneer a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 is definitely worth a try. This hydrating treatment contains Aquaporins, which are proteins that allow water to enter and exit cells rapidly. The claim is that this product will readjust, protect, nourish your skin and allow it to fight against aggressions and ageing. Well, any assistance in the fight against ageing is welcomed. 

This product is beautifully packaged in recyclable cardboard. As it comes with its own miniature spatula, I was expecting big things and I was not disappointed. This deluxe cream is generous and spreads easily. The given spatula removed the guessing game about the amount of product needed and potential wastage (although I never let a drop of anything go to waste. Thats probably why I have such quenched elbows they are always accepting of a quick rub with any leftovers). I love a product that goes a long way.

I also love a product that either smells great or evokes fond memories. Every time I used this moisturiser, memories of my childhood dancing days came flooding back. This cream smelt just like the old 80s version of Ponds cleansing cream. I remember my mother slathering the cleanser onto my face to remove the ABBA style eyeshadow and make-up (which, coincidently, co-ordinated exactly with my blue Grease tights and red leotard.)

I loved the ritual of applying this and I was more than happy with the moisturising results. I was the perfect guinea pig for this product; firstly because I’m a great sceptic and, secondly, because I have weather-worn skin as dry as the Sahara desert. My skin simply lapped up this moisturiser. I would love to try the other products in this range.

I found a drastic improvement in the texture and softness of my skin. I felt fresh and ready to face the day with this product. I would recommend it for dry to very dry skin, but I think it would be a little rich for those with oily skin. I felt it soak in and give my skin breathing space again it eliminated that taught, stretched feeling you can experience after cleansing.

I actually find the price of this product a little rich and cheeky. Although it thoroughly suited my skin, Im not sure that I could justify spending a weeks grocery money on one product (Im far too thrifty these days. Perhaps in my younger budget? what budget? days). But, hey, its not every day you can claim that you use a product containing Aquaporins that won a Nobel Prize.

Rating: 5/5

Stockists:  NSW – 02 9960 1300

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