The products you need for sensitive skin

The products you need for sensitive skin

Does your skin have a mini freak-out when you choose to use some new products? Do you find that the fragrances in products tend to irritate your skin more than they pamper? Are you a victim of a flaky scalp or dry skin – or even of breakouts and itching? Then it sounds like you’re dealing with sensitive skin.

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That’s okay –sensitive skin just needs a little extra tender love and care, which is easy if you know what you’re looking for (and there are a few very specific things you really should be looking for). Stay away from products that include any kind of alcohol, fragrance or other ingredients that can cause irritation. Natural products are usually a safe bet, but these days most of your favourite beauty brands offer products specially designed for sensitive skin, so you don’t have to look far for the perfect solution for you.

Check out our picks for treating sensitivity from head to toe.

A dry and flaky scalp can be hard to deal with if you’re not armed with the right products. Along with the itching and flaking, the irritation can be enough to drive you up the wall! What you need are a dream team of sensitive, scalp-friendly products that will work to soothe any irritation and help to restore a healthy scalp, in turn helping to treat dandruff.
We like QV Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner because it’s pH balanced and suitable for everyday use. We also recommend Wella Professionals Balance Calm Treatment for Sensitive Scalp because it contains antibacterial agents that help to cool and revitalise a dry and itchy scalp.

If you’d rather jump off a bridge than take a bite out of an ice cream, odds are you suffer from a pretty sensitive set of chompers. Teeth sensitivity affects approximately one in three Australians – meaning there’s a good chance that someone close to you is suffering. To treat sensitive teeth effectively, you have to switch to a toothpaste that is especially formulated to treat the issue.
We recommend: Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™, as it is clinically proven to provide immediate and lasting sensitivity relief after just one application.

Do you find that some regular skin care products tend to make your skin break out or become a little itchy or inflamed at times? It may just mean that your skin is on the sensitive side, and it’s important to identify that and then use products that will help to soothe and nurture your skin properly. Sticking to water-based, unfragranced products is the best way to avoid a reaction. Why not try Neutrogena Moisture Sensitive Skin? It contains a lightweight, water-based, formula that provides effective moisturisation for even the most sensitive of skins. If you’re a little more focused on battling the signs of ageing, then there are plenty of suitable sensitive options out there for you too. We recommend Olay Total Effects Sensitive, as it has been designed to fight the signs of ageing, protect, calm, and strengthen skin – all the while staying gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

In the shower
If you tend to develop rashes or itchiness on any area of your body, you may need to switch to products designed for sensitive skin. In the shower, opt for a milder formula that’s fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, such as Dove Extra Sensitive Beauty Bar.

For your hands
If the skin around your hands tends to become rough and dry, you may need to start using a deeply-nourishing balm that won’t irritate. We recommend Planet Eve Organics Certified Organic Luxe Hand Creme with Antioxidants as it contains nourishing shea butter and the purest organic ingredients.

To prevent odour and perspiration
For underarms that tend to become red and irritated when you use deodorant, look for a product that features nourishing ingredients to help calm and soothe the delicate skin under your arms. We like Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on for women, as it contains chamomile extract and avocado oil to help treat and prevent irritation.

Hair removal
When it comes to hair removal, those with sensitive skin should definitely look at using products that are caring without compromising on effectiveness. Waxaway Salon Wax Sensitive contain a hypoallergenic formula that delivers salon-quality results. Not only are they incredibly easy to use, but they’re amazingly gentle on your skin, too.

The vagina is a sensitive area in itself, but if you ever experience discomfort or irritation down there, you should switch to a body wash specially formulated for that area. We recommend using Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash Sensitive Skin, as it gently cleanses and refreshes the vaginal area without causing irritation. It’s also unscented and contains extra moisturisers to help prevent dryness. If irritation persists, make an appointment with your local general practitioner.

What are your top tips for dealing with sensitive skin?

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