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#11. “I think skin health and ageing is a direct reflection of your inner health, so if you can treat your body well, you will be rewarded with glowing youthful skin.” – Claire88

#12. “Use special hair conditioners that are suited for your hair colour (blonde, brunette, black etc.) as they extend the life of your colour, and can help disguise greys and root regrowth.” – Linda_Vesinger

#13. “Don’t use powder or matte make-up around your eyes – it accentuates your lines.” – bh’s Bree

#14. “I swear by drinking green tea to help keep signs of ageing at bay! Plus plenty of water for fresh, glowing, hydrated skin! I also find doing Yoga is a good way to help prevent wrinkles as they will coach you through relaxing your face and letting go of tension in your forehead.” – Lorir16

#15. “Try to incorporate omega-3 rich foods – such as salmon, ground flaxseed and walnuts – into your diet as often as possible for healthy looking, youthful, glowing skin.” – bh’s Annalise

#16. “Dry body brushing has many benefits, including anti-ageing benefits. Daily brushing exfoliates the skin as well as toning, which in turn slows down the ageing process. Increasing the blood circulation tightens the skin making it less prone to wrinkles.” – Kassalee

#17. “Don’t spray perfume on your chest as it causes wrinkles.” – Tiasha12

#18. “Use silk or satin pillow cases on your pillow to minimise skin creasing as the skin drags across the pillow when you move in your sleep. If you use more than one pillow, it only needs to be the one that your head is on when you sleep.” – AliceJaneInNewcastle

#19. “Don’t neglect your neck and décolletage in your skin care routine. Apply sunscreen to this area in the mornings, and try a specialised anti-ageing serum at night time after cleansing.” – SoMuchPretty

#20. “I keep little travel-sized cuticle oil and hand cream in my hand bag and apply it when I’m stuck waiting places. I also have them both next to my bed and apply every night before I go to sleep.” – notsojayne

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