Top 50 anti-ageing beauty tips – page five

Top 50 anti-ageing beauty tips – page five


#41. “I use cold green tea to rinse my face because it constricts pores and is full if antioxidants! Just get a glass of cold water and one tea bag, double cleanse your face and then give it a final rinse with tea! You don’t even need to wash it off, just pat dry. After, your skin will feel silky soft and smooth.” – Olivia5

#42. “Face Yoga! Exercising the muscles of your beautiful face will tighten and tone them, which will assist in combating the signs of ageing.” – Misspamperedprincess

#43. “A combination of: glossy hair, glossy lips, cream blush, a fringe, friends who are younger than you, kindness in your heart, and the one thing that is guaranteed to take at least five years off – a beaming smile.” – katshepsutt

#44. “Beauty starts on the inside and changing (or trying to reduce) from acid foods to alkaline foods can improve your looks, health and wellbeing.” – Kassalee

#45. “The type of hand cream you use is important. It should be ‘rich’ and leave your hands feeling moisturised for a long time.” – Arty Girl

#46. “Be gentle on your skin and never presume that you are too young to start looking after your skin to prevent ageing. It is a lot easier and cheaper to prevent wrinkles with good skin care rather than trying to get rid of them once they are there.” – Kiwi@heart

#47. “[If you have] really dry lips, layer your lips with a thin layer of pure Manuka honey. It will feel a little sticky, but try not to lick it off and you will be left with soft, healed lips.” – Animal Lover

#48. “Sunscreen is a must, but vitamin D is important too. So many people are deficient due to working long hours indoors. 10 minutes on bare arms at a suitable time of day (avoiding peak UV times) is all you need for healthy bones and muscles!” – Tightrope

#49. “We all like to drink water to keep our skin hydrated and looking it’s best, however drinking water or any liquid through a straw or out of a plastic bottle can actually create lines around your mouth and aggravate existing ones due to the constant pursing of your lips. My tip is to always drink from a glass or if using a plastic bottle, buy one with a spout so you can squirt water into your mouth rather than sucking from it and your face will thank you.” – Divine Diva

#50. “Using avocado oil as a moisturiser. It’s jam packed with goodness and prevents ageing, my skin’s never looked so great, it really seems to feed the skin well and if you apply the right amount it absorbs well without the oily residue.” – dream-angels

What’s your best anti-ageing tip? Which of these anti-ageing tips are you going to put into practise?

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