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50 members with various hair types trialled the shampoo and conditioner, incorporating the mask twice a week.

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beautyheaven says:

TONI&GUY’s StrengthPlex Bond Repair range is formulated to tame frizzy, flyaway hair, while adding smoothness and shine. Harnessing the latest patented Plex technology, the range works to reverse the damage caused by colouring, blow drying and straightening hair, as well as exposure to tough environmental elements.

It reconstructs broken bonds in the hair fibre by using a combination of fibre actives and polymer 6 molecules, which penetrate the hair fibre to visibly repair, strengthen and hydrate all hair types.

There are three products in the range,  StrengthPlex Bond Repair ShampooStrengthPlex Bond Repair Conditioner and the StrengthPlex Bond Repair Mask. All of which are locally formulated and designed specifically for Australian hair. The StrengthPlex range features a bonding solution enriched with Kakadu plum, which boasts the highest concentration of vitamin C for strong, healthy and hydrated hair.

After trialing these products, most of our members commented on how much they loved the smell, and how soft, smooth and shiny their hair felt after use. They also noticed their hair was tame and could dry naturally without going frizzy.  The members also loved the packaging and how it presented in their bathrooms, however, some wished there was a clearer distinction between bottles as they were easy to confuse.

Members particularly enjoyed the use of Kakadu plum, with special mention to this ingredient being native to Australia. Majority of feedback draws particular attention to the salon quality finish that the StrengthPlex range provides, with most users reporting that they felt as if they had just left the hairdresser after a professional treatment. Users reported the product stretched quite far, a little goes a long way and day three hair was still looking like day one, which meant they weren’t needing to use it as frequently. Majority said they would repurchase again. 

Stats are based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members.The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Toni & Guy for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.You say:”Opening the push top opened up my senses and made me feel like I was in a salon. Using this product has allowed me to airdry my hair more naturally and work the curls and volume it gives me. Less heat tools=healthier hair! Such a fan of this!” mcr_fan1, Read more here…“I have been using this shampoo regularly, along with alternating between the Conditioner and Repair Mask, and my hair has never looked or felt healthier! I was blown away by how soft and silky my hair was after it dried!” RM123, Read more here…“Absolutely loved this conditioner, it feels like a salon quality product that left my hair feeling completely nourished and hydrated without stripping it of moisture and leaving it dry. Would definitely recommend this product to those with dry hair or colour treated hair that is feeling dehydrated or damaged.” hannahtiziani, Read more here…“I have been super impressed with the new Plex technology which I felt has helped with improving and softening my hair. My ends feel nourished and strong. I have noticed the dryness of the ends has lifted and overall my hair feels soft and enriched. Paired with the shampoo this makes a powerful and restorative combo!” belle007,Read more here…“Never have I tried a hair mask that truly keeps the frizz at bay and leaves my hair soft, shiny and smelling amazing!!”  RM123Read more here…“My favorite from the range!!!! My hair is actually starting to gets it’s wave back, feel and look softer and smoother. It had a significant reduction in frizziness and in split ends. My air is so thin and fragile, it tends to be e lots of fly aways when I tie it up , but since using this mask ive noticed it’s so much smoother and looks so much nicer up in a bun too. ” SindiRead more here…

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  1. I wonder if this would be good for fine hair.. also it sounds like they are trying to market a dupe for the Olaplex shampoo and conditioners (if it’s a close dupe I would definitely purchase.)

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