5 Tips For Super Shiny Hair

5 Tips For Super Shiny Hair

Something that catwalk hairstyles and celebrity hair ‘dos have in common is shine. Yet transforming dull, dry hair into sleek, smooth, shiny tresses isn’t easy. Unless, of course, you’re armed with the expert tips, hair advice and shiny hair products that actually work!

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Shine has a lot to do with hair health, which can also include you your own health and wellbeing. So in answer to the question “how do I get shiny hair?” it’s not just a matter of trialling numerous shine-boosting hair products, you need to take a holistic approach too.

Sounds a bit new age? It needn’t. Here are five key tips on achieving shiny hair.

#1 Focus on your diet

Dry hair can be a result of vitamin A and E deficiencies as vitamin A helps generate natural oils in the hair and scalp, while vitamin E contributes to blood circulation, helping with hair growth and boosting moisture. Boost your vitamin A and E intake by snacking on raw nuts and seeds and green leafy vegetables.

#2 Are you getting enough water?

Water is not only great for skin, it’s beneficial for hair too. Drinking enough water each day will help prevent dull, dry hair.

#3 Over-heating

If you use a hair dryer or straightener on a daily basis you’re likely to be causing heat-damage to your hair. Make sure you apply a heat styling protectant product and, if possible, forego heat styling a few days a week. When shopping for hair tools, take into account the adjustable temperature settings too, as it’s good practice to style on as low a heat setting as possible.

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#4 Chemical hair treatments

Hair colouring and chemical straightening treatments can severely dry your hair. Try to allow your hair time to re-nourish in between treatments and make sure you use products specifically designed to care for coloured hair or chemically straightened hair.

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#5 Product build-up

Over styling, over-shampooing or using too much conditioner (especially if you don’t rinse your hair well enough) can lead to product build-up. This leaves your hair feeling limp and looking lackluster. Try a clarifying shampoo once a week or cut down on the amount of styling product you use. Bedhead can be bang on trend after all!

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In general, try to remember that your hair does not have superpowers. It needs a break just like the rest of us. Care for your hair with a weekly deep conditioning treatment, limit the amount of product and chemicals you put on your hair and try to avoid unnecessary heat styling. If you drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients you should be sporting super shiny hair in no time!

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Main image credit: @priyankachopra

What shine-boosting products or methods have you tried?

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  1. I think it’s true for some places here. The city I live in has hard water, so it’s always an uphill battle! I notice an immediate improvement when I travel to different cities and countries.

  2. I am very lucky to have my ‘coloured’ blonde hair staying shiny. I don’t use the home colour kit except when the grey is getting very noticeable just to retain my natural blonde look. I don’t want to go grey! Aside from that, I use the John Frieda blonde hair range, don’t use dryer or heated products except very rarely. Avoid other hair products like sprays and gels and so my hair has remaining in very good condition. I also remember years ago reading that changing your shampoo every so often also helps to stop build up of product due to different compositions of shampoos and conditioners. Vinegar added to rinse water has many benefits and one of those is also when young children go to school and ‘nits’ are around. This acts as a deterrent.

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