This SPF application hack will remove the white cast from any sunscreen

This SPF application hack will remove the white cast from any sunscreen

As the saying goes, ‘the best sunscreen is the one that you will use’. And while the beauty industry is no doubt working towards catering for darker skin tones, physical sunscreens still have a little way to go when it comes to eliminating that pesky white cast.

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Preferred by those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, physical sunscreen is often the favoured choice for daily protection. That is unless you have a darker skin tone, in which case you will be left with an ashy coloured film across your face or body.

According to dermatologist Dr. Adeline Kikman, better known to her Instagram followers as @brownskinderm, things are tracking well for the future of physical sunscreens, as when it comes to the contrast of a white cast on dark skin “companies are finding new innovative ways to address this issue”. 

And while we look forward to those developments, she offers a sunscreen hack in the meantime, “put the adequate amount of your sunscreen on, then blend a little bit with your foundation”. 

But before even getting to this step, it is crucial that you allow your first layer of SPF to absorb into your skin on its own before going in with any makeup. As Dr. Kikman urges, “don’t try to get all your adequate coverage by mixing with foundation”. 

So again; apply the SPF amount needed first, followed by a foundation mix on top, and voila! Protection minus the pesky white cast,

Main image credit: @brownskinderm

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  1. Like to use Makeup and Skincare products that have SPF in them but yes I agree that they make Sunscreens to thick and does leave a cast even on White Skin let alone Darker Skin which would be much more noticeable.

    Will look for better brand Sunscreens or those that are a lighter cream, will definitely put the sunscreen on first.

    Then you need to use a Face Primer as well before putting on Foundation, don’t appreciate a heavy SPF Sunscreen on my face either.

  2. My favorite is the one in the white and blue tube LadyLola 50SPF for Face and Body. Dry touch. Sometimes my priceline doesnt have any in stock so I buy the pink one for sensitive skin which is good but not as good as the blue. Its the blue one that seems to sell out so I guess others think its awesome as well.

  3. It makes sense that the addition of foundation would cover up the white cast and I’m glad the recommendation is to always put the adequate amount of sunscreen on first. However this tip is more of a workaround than a hack.

  4. I have had skin cancers removed so now very particular about using SPF and this has me being more careful to allow the SPF to absorb before applying makeup so that they dont blend. Thanks for the hint

  5. Sometimes I find this with my Neutrogena Baby Zinc – it really does give me a different colour yet it has the best smell for a sunscreen so I keep a tube of this in the car to dob on my lips and around my lips as I get a bit of skin blotchiness there. I don’t care if I look a bit funny when I’m driving! By the time I get out of the car the whiteness seems to dissipate a lot.

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