Is your hair thinning?


Is your hair thinning, or do you just have naturally thin hair? It can be difficult to tell whether you’re truly experiencing hair loss or if your hair is just fine or limp. But there are a few tell-tale signs that will indicate what the true reason is for your thin locks.

Once you’ve identified the cause, you can then pinpoint the best course of action for getting your locks looking full again. We spoke to Bridget Noonan, National Education Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel, to help you determine what your thin locks really need.

Is my hair really thinning, or is it just thin?

According to Bridget, there are a few indicators that will signal whether your hair is thinning, or just thin. “The four major signs of thinning hair are less density, thinner-looking, brittle hair and less volume,” Bridget says.

Now those symptoms could also be true of naturally thin hair. So how can you tell the difference? For one thing, naturally thin hair is usually fine in texture – and fine hair is completely different to thinning hair. “Fine hair’ refers to the thickness or diameter of the individual hair strands,” explains Bridget. “Thin hair refers to the overall density of the hair follicles across the entire scalp.”

If you’re still unsure what your hair type is, Bridget recommends consulting your hair stylist. “Determining hair type involves understanding the different qualities of hair. This includes the hair’s density, texture, and porosity, which is the hair’s ability to hold moisture,” says Bridget. “A hair stylist will use your hair type to recommend a cut and style, colour and styling products that are suitable to your hair type.”

If my hair is thinning, what could be the cause?

“Hair loss and thinning can be caused by a variety of factors such as diet, hereditary factors, stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, medication and environmental changes, just to name a few,” says Bridget.

Hair thinning can even be the result of seasonal changes, such as shedding during autumn and spring, which is completely normal. But if you’re concerned it’s the result of something more, there are a few areas you can look to see if hair loss is a symptom.

“If someone is suffering a major health issue, they can suffer from stress from this condition as well, which contributes to hair loss and thinning – which can then be compounded with medication to treat the condition,” explains Bridget. “A poor diet or a drastic change in diet can also contribute to hair loss. The body requires vitamins and minerals and other nutrients to assist a healthy scalp and hair growth, so following a strict diet or changing your eating habits may cause some hair loss.”

What can I do about thinning hair?

The first step is to sort out your hair care. If your hair is thinning, it’s time to change up your regular products for more powerful options that will work to visibly increase the density of your hair. “L’Oréal Professionnel SERIOXYL is a hair range powered by Stemoxydine, a molecule that mimics the environment required for stem cell stimulation to awaken dormant follicles for the creation of new hair,” says Bridget. 

The potent ingredients in the SERIOXYL range work together to visibly improve hair density. Glucoboost works to target the hair at the roots and provides an immediate energy boost to the root of the hair fibre to facilitate hair growth, while Intra-cylane™ thickens every hair strand instantly by penetrating the hair cortex and expanding within your strands. Meanwhile, other ingredients work to make the hair look stronger and thicker, preventing further weakening of your strands.

The SERIOXYL range is also really easy to incorporate into your routine. The simple three-step system consists of a shampoo, conditioner and Denser Hair Gel which work alongside one another to get your hair looking and feeling fuller.

L’Oréal Professionnel‘s SERIOXYL shampoo and conditioner are available in two different variants – one for thinning hair that’s not coloured, and one for coloured, thinning hair – and can be used whenever you shampoo your hair. L’Oréal Professionnel SERIOXYL Denser Hair Gel is a daily hair treatment for thinning hair that is powered by Stemoxydine 5%, a molecule that mimics the environment required for stem cell stimulation to awaken dormant follicles for the creation of new hair. It acts as an alarm clock to awaken the hair from the dormant phase of the hair growth cycle. When used in conjunction with the Serioxyl shampoo and conditioner over a minimum of three months, your hair will be feeling thick and looking luscious again in no time.

Another step you can take to help reduce hair loss is to make an effort to minimise stress in your life. “Having high stress levels can contribute to hair loss,” says Bridget. “Try to stay relaxed or consider different forms of exercise such as walking, yoga and pilates.”

Have you experienced thinning hair?

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