The truth about dark circles


Dark circles. We all get them. Whether it’s because we stayed up way too late for a Game of Thrones marathon or we’re simply wiped out from the weekend’s festivities, sometimes there’s just no escaping those tell-tale black rings under the eyes.

Ella Baché’s National Post Graduate Training Manager Heather Vounnou helps us discover what dark circles really are, and how we can avoid those sneaky dark shadows from creeping up on us.

What are dark circles and why do I have them?

Although dark circles appear to be on the surface of your skin, the reason behind them goes much deeper. “The skin under our eyes is much thinner than anywhere else on the face which makes it easier to see the capillaries underneath. The development of dark circles is caused by the loss of fatty tissue under the eyes, weak or deoxygenated blood vessels, age, or lack of sleep.”

Are dark circles permanent?

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to rid your skin of dark circles, but rest assured, you can lessen their appearance. “You can definitely minimise the appearance of dark circles by changing your lifestyle and using skin care ingredients that target dark circles. However, hereditary hyperpigmentation – dark pigment that develops in darker skin individuals – is harder to remove.”

So what lifestyle changes can I make to minimise their appearance?

Before pour yourself another coffee and reach for that sugary pick-me-up, think again. “Too much caffeine can cause tiredness and sugar can cause a breakdown of the collagen in the skin and blood vessel walls, which dilates the blood vessels and makes dark circles more prominent. Try to limit the amount of caffeine and sugar in your diet.”

When choosing a product to minimise dark circles, what ingredients should I look out for?

–    Adenosine to penetrate deeply into the skin to increase the production of elastin and collagen.
–    Horse chestnut strengthens capillaries and oxygenates the skin tissue.
–    Vitamin K strengthens blood vessel walls and improves blood circulation.

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Do you have dark circles under your eyes? How do you go about reducing their appearance?

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