Idol musings

Idol musings

Give beautyheaven a Friday afternoon, lunch and fifteen minutes and we could solve half of the world’s biggest problems. Third world debt, rising interest rates and even the apparent deterioration of the family unit would be history. But perhaps only after we’d gotten to the bottom of the real life-or-deathers, like if Johnny Depp was made for Vanessa or should have stuck with Kate.

Today’s particular topic over Thai: the truest beauty icons of all time. And it’s getting a little heated.

The timeless divinity of Audrey and Grace Kelly were hardly up for debate – who could argue with the epitome of impeccably groomed elegance? And the suggestion that Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johanssen have become the gloriously sexy Elizabeth Taylor and Jayne Mansfield of our era raised barely an eyebrow. Even the surprise entry of Reese Witherspoon as the gorgeous ideal of working, single motherhood impressed the classicist Audrey and Grace camp.

But while a little disagreement percolated over just who deserves icon status (Does Ashley Olsen’s endlessly emulated beach hair make her worthy? Is Madonna an icon of beauty or just of womanhood in general? Is there a difference?), it was one name that cleaved the room almost right in half. Kate Moss. She was either the first name on the lips, or the absolute last.

I don’t think anyone argued she’s not beautiful. In her oddly endearing way. Kate’s slightly crooked teeth, her not-trying-too-hard knack for always looking ‘right’ and her way of wearing Rimmel gloss one day and Bvlgari diamonds the next got nothing but nods. She’s got It, we all agreed.

But the big bone of contention was what a true icon should be. Should the world’s most beautiful women be role models, or just models? Someone after whom you aspire, or simply someone inspires you to get a fringe? Do beauty idols need to deserve the worship? Or is it enough that they’re fun at face value?

And with that the lunchtime jury was hung. I told you we talk the big issues. The kind that are far too big to digest with cashew and tofu…

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