The retro styles making a comeback

The retro styles making a comeback

They say fashion goes in circles (who ever thought denim jackets, neon leggings, and printed pants would make a comeback?), and it seems that the same goes for hairstyles, too.

Just looking at the awards shows over the past two months, it’s become incredibly clear that Hollywood’s hottest stars have taken a liking to hairstyles that were big back in the 40s and 50s.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Short ‘n’ sassy

The pixie cut has been around for years, but no one has done it quite like Audrey Hepburn did. Until Anne Hathway chopped off her locks, that is. The style is somewhere between boyishly charming and adorably feminine: a hard one to pull off, but if done right it looks fabulous. Let’s see if Anne will keep this look around as her hair grows out.

Short and full of curls

Curls have never really been ‘out’, but now it seems that boho waves and big, bouncy curls are slowly being replaced by finger-wave curls – the kind that Rita Hayworth rocked throughout the 1940s. Funny lady Tina Fey wore her hair like this (they kind of look similar, don’t you think?) at the SAG awards recently, and it’s probably the best we’ve ever seen her look.

Over the shoulder

Veronica Lake was pretty much known for this side-part-over-the-shoulder-soft-curls look that keeps cropping up time and time again on the red carpet today. It’s soft, it’s feminine, and it’s the kind of style that makes you wonder why it took so long to come back. Barbara Palvin is just one of the many celebrities helping this look become a red carpet staple.

A deep side part

It doesn’t matter if their hair is long or short, whether they’re going for the Veronica Lake or the Lauren Becall (not too dissimilar from the Rita Hayworth), celebrities are embracing a deep, deep side part – often coupled with the soft curls and rolls that epitomised old Hollywood. Dita von Teese actually looks like she stepped straight out of the 40s!

Groomed and dapper

It’s not just the women of Hollywood who are taking their cues from the stars who made it big decades before them. Justin Timberlake seems to have found his inner Humphrey Bogart with this incredibly groomed style. While usually we don’t notice the hairstyles of the men gracing the red carpet, this one definitely grabbed our attention. Bravo, JT!

What do you think of these old Hollywood hair looks? Would you like to recreate any of them?

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