The quest for a perfect pout

The quest for a perfect pout

Jolie’s got it. Lisa Rinna messed with it. And I want it. The perfect pout that is.

But, living by the old adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I thought it necessary to see where I was on the scale of 1 to 10 on the lip front. How in the heck do you judge that, I hear you cry? Well step forward Dr Kendra Schmid. Schmid is a biometrics specialist from the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, but might be more commonly known for the lip attractiveness software that she developed for Baileys. (You know the one with the ice cube atop the most pillowy pout ever. Not jealous. Much.)

Using this, she analysed 40 celebs as well as yours truly. So what did we all score? Well the shocker is I beat Angie. Only joshing! But she was beaten. Oh yes, Monica Bellucci, Italian screen siren that she is scored a perfect 10. While Scarlett Johansson took home 9.66, Halle Berry 9.61, and Mrs Pitt a still-respectable 7.89. And me? Well, bearing in mind ‘average people’ (not your glam celebs) tend to score between 2 – 3, I’m rather chuffed with my 4.69. I mean it’s practically a 5.

The software analyses your lips’ size, shape, colour, texture and proportion in relation to the size of your face. I apparently rated well because my lips are well proportioned and have a smooth texture. However, areas for improvement are: a subtle lip colour that would enhance the outline of my lips and a fuller top lip.

So taking lead from bh members I’ll be indulging in the “addictive and plumpalicious” Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme, the yummy Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Plumper and the effective yet economic Australis Cosmetics PLUMPtastic.

What do you think you’d score? And who has an enviable pout in your eyes?

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