Four of the best lesser-known beauty brands


Is your beauty routine feeling a little tired or uninspiring? It could be time to throw caution to the wind and experiment with some alternative products. After all, beauty is meant to be fun and who knows, that unassuming lipstick or lesser-known skin care range could end up forming the basis of your go-to beauty look.

Not sure where to start? Here are four of the best unknown beauty brands – and the hero products you’ll want to snap up, stat! It’s true what they say: you’ll never know until you try…

1) Bellamer Botanical Skincare

All natural and free from chemicals, Bellamer’s skincare range is made from 100 per cent natural butters and essential oils. Originally developed to soothe dry skin, the products also work to diminish lines and wrinkles and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.

Must-try product:Eye Treatment Balm

One of the first plant-based products specifically made for the eye area, this hydrating balm will bring an important anti-ageing element to your existing skin care regime. Suitable for all skin types, its intensely moisturising formula combines renewing shea butter with soothing chamomile and peppermint.

2) Shanga

Created by a beauty therapist who disliked the use of chemicals in many beauty products, Shanga is all about helping women express their innate beauty – naturally. Featuring make-up, skin care, and body products, the range contains quality, independently-tested and scientifically-proven ingredients.

Must-try product: Body Custard

As luscious as its name suggests, this quick-absorbing, rich-yet-lightweight body lotion not only rejuvenates damaged skin, but also replenishes moisture. Available in five delicious scents, it’ll make the perfect, nourishing addition to any girl’s winter beauty ritual.

3) Indio

Designed to address the beauty concerns of women living within the unique climate of Australia and New Zealand, Indio seeks to help slow down the ageing process with a range that delivers balanced, hydrated skin using potent and active natural ingredients.

Must-try product: Dry Skin Rescue

A must for beauties with environmentally-damaged skin, this rich restorative cream mask has been formulated to soothe, repair and renourish. Inhibiting evaporation from the skin’s surface, a thin layer over the face is all that’s required for increased hydration.

4) SAX

An Australian family business inspired by its founder’s love of the saxophone, SAX offers modern and easy-to-use cosmetics in stunning timeless hues. Formulated with nurturing ingredients, the products are designed to enhance your natural beauty at an affordable price.

Must-try product: Complexion Bronzer

With an impressive five-star bh review rating, this bronzer is the perfect product to revamp your existing make-up kit. Giving you the look of a natural tan without the need for sunbaking, its oil-controlling formula contains vitamin E and amino acids to protect and moisturise, complementing your existing skincare routine.

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