The A-Z of amazing hair oils


Just like our locks love certain shampoos, they appreciate a good oil, too. And it’s not just thicker and coarser manes that benefit from oils – even thin, fine and easily-greasy strands can reap the rewards. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for you…

Abyssinian oil

Best for: Fine hair
Intensely hydrating but extremely light in weight and texture, this is a brilliant option for thin, fine or greasy hair that tends to become lank if overloaded with product. The molecular structure of abyssinian oil also makes it one of the most heat-resistant oils, making it an avid heat styler’s dream.

bh picks: Fudge Smooth Shot Shampoo, Fudge Smooth Shot Conditioner

Almond oil

Best for: Dandruff
High in magnesium, almond oil helps to boost hair growth, reduce breakage and relieve dry, itchy scalps. If you suffer from the curse of the flakes, try massaging in a few drops after washing to reduce redness, inflammation and beat the ‘druff.

bh picks:L’OCCITANE Aromachologie Repairing Oil, Carelli Recovery Oil, Schwarzkopf Extra Care Liquid Silk Leave In Treatment

Argan oil

Best for: Dry or frizzy hair
Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, this liquid gold can help to transform dry, coarse and unruly tresses into softer and shinier, more manageable ones, while cutting down on frizz and flyaways.

bh picks:Moroccan Natural Argan Oil, Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil, De Lorenzo Defence Argan Finishing Oil

Baobab oil

Best for: Stimulating hair growth
There’s plenty of hype surrounding this African oil, and for good reason: its high vitamin content improves elasticity, encourages cell regeneration, prevents free radical damage and boosts moisture. Why wouldn’t you use it?

bh picks:Aveda Be Curly™ Style-Prep, Phytospecific Baobab Oil

Coconut oil

Best for: Keeping all hair types in tip-top condition
The ultimate multi-tasker, coconut oil can be used for just about anything (see here, here, here and oh, here), and on any hair type – greasy locks included – to replenish strands and keep scalps healthy and happy. Jam-packed with carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, coconut oil can also help to strengthen strands. Apply it as a weekly treatment if your locks are prone to breakage and slow growth.

bh picks: Schwarzkopf Extra Care Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Express Mousse Treatment, Kiehl’s Extra Strength Conditioning Rinse with Added Coconut, The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil

Kalahari melon seed oil

Best for: Sensitive scalps
If you suffer from dermatitis, psoriasis or get the occasional itchy reaction from products, your hair will love this shine-boosting hair oil. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and scalps, and is high in omega-6 for hair growth and hydration. As the name suggests, it originates from the Kalahari desert, and the melon of this oil provides the nomadic people with enough water to survive in the harsh climate. If it can do that in desert, imagine what it can do for your hair…

bh picks:darcy’s botanicals Pure Kalahari Melon Seed Nectar, Ouidad ultra nourishing cleansing oil

Kukui nut oil

Best for: Rejuvenating
Nothing bad ever came from Hawaii, and this oil loaded with omega-3 and -6 is further proof of that. Soothing, softening and non-greasy, it contains powerhouse antioxidants that help to protect hair from damage and and prevent ageing. It’s a great one for psoriasis, eczema and acne sufferers due to the anti-inflammatory nature of the fatty acid content.

bh picks:Aveda Invati™ Thickening Conditioner

Macadamia oil

Best for: Extremely dry or damaged hair
Nut oils are super intensive, and macadamia is one of the richest available. Soak your dry strands in a macadamia mask weekly or after heavy heat styling sessions.

bh picks:Hask Moisturizing Shine Oil – Macadamia Oil, Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask

Marula oil

Best for: Holiday hair
The fruitier alternative to the nutty smells of argan and macadamia, marula oil is native to South Africa and MarMadagascar, and contains antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids that help to prevent and reverse environmental and UV damage. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and cellular regeneration properties, this is one for protecting your strands from the sun or drying out after a salty swim.

bh picks:Indola Innova Glamorous Oil Finishing Treatment, Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment

Sapote oil

Best for: Rebalancing
Hailing from Mexico and Central America, this lightweight oil is a wonderfully rich blend of iron, potassium and calcium, plus vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and is an excellent treatment for both the very dry and very oily manes out there. It helps to balance sebum production, reduce flaking and promote scalp health and hair growth.

bh picks: Mamey Sapote Oil, Pura Sapote Oil

Tamanu oil

Best for: Restoring
Found in Southeast Asia, this oil contains powerful antimicrobial, antibiotic and healing agents and comes with a ton of medicinal and haircare uses. From burns to rashes and inflammation, scalp infections, dandruff, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis, tamanu oil aids in the healthy rejuvenation of the scalp, and therefore, leads to healthier hair.

bh picks:Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque, Goldwell Elixir Oil Treatment

Do you like using oils in your beauty regime? What natural oils do you use in your hair?

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