10 hair-trashing habits to kick now

10 hair-trashing habits to kick now

Let’s be honest: most of us don’t treat our tresses too kindly. We pull and tease, dye and fry and brush, brush, brush. And even when we end up with stressed-out strands, we show no mercy.

Well, ladies, I think it’s high time we faced up to facts – and our wrongdoings – and started doing some damage control. These are the ten hairy-est habits you need to quit, now!


There’s a delicate balance between washing your hair too frequently, and not enough. The goal is to cleanse the scalp and any excess oil build-up without stripping hair of its natural moisture. After all, nobody wants a dry, dull, listless mane. Aim for 2-3 washes per week, and try not to get too friendly with your dry shampoo.

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Brushing your strands right out of the shower is a big no-no. This is precisely when hair is at its weakest, so taking a giant bundle of bristles to it is a sure-fire way to overstretch the shaft and cause breakage. Don’t worry though, you can still detangle your hair using a wide-toothed comb – and you can even use it in the shower. #twobirdsonestone

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The same principle applies to blow-drying. Don’t reach for the hairdryer when your hair is still sopping. Limit the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat, because that will only accentuate any damage. Wait until your hair has dried at least halfway, or better yet, let it air dry before styling. Hey, when was the last time you did something crazy like that?

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Do you tend to turn up the heat on your straightener/curler to finish the job faster? Guilty – we’ve all done it! But as we know, heat can be incredibly damaging to hair. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a catch-22, because you can’t get the style without the heat, so we’re not saying to nix it completely, just to take it down a notch. Stick to a medium setting, and don’t let us catch you with a straightener above 350 degrees. If your scalp hurts, it’s too hot!

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This probably goes without saying, but overcolouring your locks is bound to leave its mark. If you can’t go longer than six weeks without colouring, make some changes to your haircare regime to help limit the amount of damage. Start by throwing out any styling products containing alcohol, as they strip dye and speed up fading while drying the life out of your tresses. Always use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for colour-treated hair, and apply a deep conditioner once a month for extra nourishment.

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Brushing your hair from top to bottom is risky business, because it’s prone to snags and splits. Be gentle and divide your mane into multiple sections, and start the smoothing process from the bottom up. Begin with the ends, brushing them out gently, and inch your way up until you reach the crown. I know, I know, this feels odd, but avoiding those long strokes from top to bottom will leave you with much healthier hair.  

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We’re all guilty of skipping heat protectant, but that needs to change, STAT! All it takes is a couple of quick spritzes (enough to coat each section) to stop your hair from sizzling. The future you will thank you for it.

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No one wants dirt and grime brushed into their hair, so spring-clean brushes on the reg. Say good riddance to the brush you’ve had since high school and invest in a new one. Then, remove hair from the brush after each styling session to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for nasties. The best way to clean a brush is to soak the bristles in baking soda and water for a couple of minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Germs, be gone!

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We all know about the importance of SPF for skin, but what about hair? Our mane takes a real beating during the summer months, and spending an excess amount of time outdoors makes it extremely vulnerable, too. The solution? Deep conditioning treatments once a week (no excuse!). For bonus beauty points, apply a BB Cream for the hair to protect it while you’re out and about.

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Fans of ponytails, buns and braids, beware! Tight hairstyles put excessive strain on the hair follicles and can destroy them permanently. In extreme cases, they can lead to alopecia, a condition that permanently weakens the follicle and makes it impossible for hair to grow. YIKES. Wear those pretty locks out as much as you can to let them ‘breathe’, and when you do tie them back, try not to pull too tight, and make sure you use elastics that are snag-free and won’t rip or damage your hair. The messy look is so in, anyway.

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Are you guilty of committing these hair crimes?

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