This Is The Only Beauty Product Allowed On Australian Survivor

This Is The Only Beauty Product Allowed On Australian Survivor

Survivors, ready? We hope so, because we’ve just learnt the behind the scenes beauty regimens of the 2022 contestants. Hint: they’re practically non-existent. In the event that the intense physical exertion and predominantly white rice diet weren’t enough to put you off,  denying your acne-prone skin of a daily cleanse or even being able to wear deodorant might just do the trick.

In an interview with Now To Love, ex-contestant of Survivor: Blood V Water, Amy Ong, revealed that no beauty products were allowed to be brought on the show, with the exception of SPF, which was supplied daily by production. 

“[Contestants] are supplied 50+ sunscreen that is purchased and shipped over from Australia. It’s distributed at every daytime activity, all day at camp and before, during [and] after challenges. It is reapplied often during the day,” Channel 10 told Mamamia.

Despite most contestants struggling with logging off from their phones and ceasing contact with the outside world, Amy revealed that going technology-free wasn’t her greatest challenge. “The one thing I wanted the most, [was] to be able to do my night time skin care routine,” she said. 

The stripped-back experience, however, actually served as a welcome complexion detox. Daily saltwater swims, increased hydration, fresh air, a clean diet and regular sweating ended up being one of the best things for Amy’s skin. “Because you’re eating everything natural, rice and beans and not using any products whatsoever, everyone’s skin just thrives,” she said.

And in case your mind also went there, with a round the clock medical team, female contestants are able to access tampons whenever they’re required. Phew.

Main image credit: @amyonng

What do you think? Would you give up your cleanser and moisturiser to go au naturale?

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  1. Sunscreen isn’t a beauty product – it’s a necessary health product! I’m glad the contestants get a generous supply.

    I’d find it hard to give up my 9000 cups of tea every day, haha! No way I’d be a competitor on Survivor!

  2. I’ve always wondered whether Survivor contestants get sunscreen, now I know. Glad they do because the sun out here is as harsh as a blindside lol.

    (Side note: Amy’s skin is gorgeous, lucky gal!)

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