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With the weather warming up there are a few things we update – often we switch to a fresher and lighter fragrance, we whip out the fake tan, to ensure our limbs are bronzed and ready to see the light of day and we get the sunscreen ready for those inevitable beach and pool days. One thing we are less likely to mix up, however, is our skin care routine. We spoke to Olay skin care expert, David Khoo, to learn exactly why and where we should be switching up our skin care routines in summer, the non-negotiable products we need and what we should be avoiding.

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What actually changes for our skin when the weather warms up?

“Your skin will constantly respond to its surrounding environment and associated conditions,” says Khoo. “Among other things, the increase in temperature, may increase melanin production as a protective response to UV exposure.” Melanin is what gives your skin its colour, whether it is burnt or tanned. “The warmer weather [also] causes your skin to age at an increased rate. We know that UV radiation is the main cause of extrinsic skin ageing and that accumulated UV exposure causes cellular and molecular damage in the skin,” explains Khoo. “Over time, this damage can lead to dry or coarse skin, premature lines and wrinkles and a loss of skin’s elasticity.”

So what should we be doing in summer to keep our skin in it’s best shape?

“Using a moisturiser that contains SPF will combat the symptoms of dry, coarse skin as well as protecting against further damage,” says Khoo. With a global survey finding that only 18% of women use daily sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF, it seems an obvious thing to do but is often overlooked, he explains.

What are the non-negotiable products to include in your skin care routine this summer?

The first step is finding an effective cleanser. Excess sebum tends to be more of an issue in the summer, so a “good cleanser prepares your skin to absorb the nourishing ingredients it needs,” says Khoo. Another non-negotiable for summer is an antioxidant serum, such as Vitamin C, used in the morning, this will help protect the skin from free radicals and environmental damage, as well as helping correct pigmentation. At night time using a niacinamide serum can also help soothe and reduce inflammatory damage caused by UV exposure. Finally, finding a moisturiser with SPF is the crucial last step in a summer skin care routine, in the morning, and a restorative moisturiser at night.

Now, what should we be avoiding in summer?

The only thing Khoo recommends avoiding in summer is greasy sunscreens, “not because they don’t work, but because you may find them uncomfortable. If you find your sunscreen uncomfortable you will be less likely to apply and reapply as needed.”

Here’s your summer skin care checklist: 

For cleansers, bh loves: Olay Regenerist Revitalising Cream Cleanser, Rationale ProCeramide Cleanser (find it at, Abeeco Brightening Cream Cleanser

For antioxidant serums, bh loves: Skinceuticals C E Ferulic (find it at, Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum, DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C

For niacinamide serums, bh loves: Paula’s Choice RESIST Niacinamide Booster 10%, Synergie Skin Vitamin B, Ultraceuticals Ultra MD Ultimate Red Action Complex

For moisturisers with SPF bh loves: Olay Complete UV Moisturising Lotion SPF30, asap Moisturising Daily Defence SPF 50 (find it at, Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

For restorative night time moisturisers, bh loves: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Overnight Cream, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Creme

For (non greasy) SPF formulas, bh loves: Reef Dry Touch SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion, La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Tinted SPF 50+, Ella Bache Great 50+ Sportsbloc Active, Cancer Council Face Day Wear Moisturiser Matte SPF50+ Invisible

For hydrating body products, bh loves: Johnson’s Dreamy Skin Cream Body Wash, L’Occitane Shea Butter Body Lotion, Sol de Janiero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (find it at

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

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