Your summer hair issues, solved!

Your summer hair issues, solved!

The many wonderful things we love so much about summer like sunshine, salty breezes, summer soirées, swimming and of course scorching weather, are also (unfortunately) the very same things which aren’t so great for our hair.

So what can we do about summer hair issues like the sun and chlorine water? Humidity and frizz? How can we protect our hair against these elements which cause not only damage but dehydration, lack of shine, colour fade and limpness? Well, Violet Sainsbury, Moroccanoil’s International Education Manager for the Asia Pacific Region says it’s actually much easier to keep our hair healthy and beautiful than we think. With her expert knowledge and the right products on hand, discover here how to protect your hair in summer.


“In the summer months humid weather typically causes our hair to become extra frizzy,” says Violet. And while there’s nothing better than a swim in a pool or the ocean to cool down when the heat hits, too much time in chlorine and salt water accompanied by exposure to the sun can also cause the hair to lighten and become damaged over time.


“The most obvious signs of hair damage include frizzy or brittle hair and breakage,” says Violet. “These are all ‘symptoms’ that you need to be aware of and treat immediately to avoid dehydrated or damaged hair.” Other telltale signs include colour fade, limp, lacklustre hair and dullness, which are all effects of dehydrated, damaged summer hair. Luckily though, each of these hair issues can be prevented, repaired and rectified – you just need to use the right products specifically related to the issues.

How do you boost limp/lacklustre hair?

A little goes a long way in treating limp hair, and Violet says the Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo is the perfect solution. It’s ideal as it uses fortifying nutrients such as linden extract which naturally plumps up the hair from the inside out and contains argan oil which adds shine without adding weight. To get more volume from your blowdry, Violet suggests using the Moroccanoil Root Boost which will also provide protection against humidity.

How do you get rid of dehydration and dryness?

“This is a summer special, and adding a huge amount of hydration back into the hair is the only way forward”, says Violet. “The Moroccanoil Treatment is my ‘Holy Grail’ product and will add shine and moisture, while also preventing further dehydration from occurring.” Violet also says the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect after long days at the beach, and personally recommends an intensive cocktail of the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask with two pumps of the Moroccanoil Treatment once a week. “It’s like a new lease on life for your summer affected hair!”

How do you minimise environmental stress?

When we’re out having fun in the sun, the last thing we’re thinking about is what sort of damage we’re doing to our hair. Violet says your first go-to should be the Moroccanoil Treatment after shampooing, because it provides the best foundation to protect your hair from environmental damage like UV rays, humidity, wind, salt water and chlorine. If you’re a regular beachgoer, keep the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray on hand – it’s not only water resistant, but rich in antioxidants that will prevent colour fade caused by swimming and spending time in the sun.

How do you prevent damage from heat styling?

“It’s important to protect the cuticle any time you use a heat styling product, or else your hair will be prone to extreme moisture loss and damage”, says Violet. “Using the Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection will effectively protect your hair by creating a barrier that absorbs the heat before it can damage the strand. This little miracle will provide shine and soft hold while protecting from extreme heat. The result is healthy, naturally beautiful hair and a long-lasting style.”

How do you prevent colour fade and dullness?

“The summer months take a toll on our hair, especially if it’s colour treated”, says Violet, who swears by the Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which, along with being free from phosphates, sulfates and parabens, help to not only prevent colour fade but also rebuild strength in colour damaged hair. When colour fade is concerned, Moroccanoil Treatment can prevent further dullness with its rich antioxidant and moisture properties, which give your hair shine and prolong the longevity of your colour.

bh tip: For colour treated or fine hair, try the Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment, which offers the same conditioning, shine enhancing and smoothing treatments as the Moroccanoil Treatment in a lighter consistency.

The Moroccanoil Treatment works throughout the harsh warmer months to keep hair looking and feeling healthy and beautiful. Like a foundation for the face, it acts as a base for summer haircare and styling, as well as detangles hair and boosts shine, leaving hair smooth, manageable and nourished with each use. “It’s truly the must-have haircare product every woman should own,” says Violet.


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What do you do to keep your hair healthy during the hotter months?

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  1. Heat protector is so important that most people forget to use it. Constantly heating your hair bare would lead to hair damage, if I’m not mistaken. I am one of the few that overlooked this as I didn’t know there was such product in the market. I got to know from BH and thank God I did.

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