Here’s how to reduce stress-induced wrinkles


As we age, certain things are inevitable – wrinkles being high on that list.

And while some wrinkles are to be celebrated as a sign of a joyful life full of laughter (AKA smile lines that sit happily under your eyes), there are another set of emotion-related wrinkles that we can work to avoid.

Introducing: stress wrinkles, also known as worry or frown lines. 

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The by-product of furrowed brows and clenched jaws, these stress-induced lines are most commonly managed with effective injectable treatments like Botox

However, if injectables aren’t your cup of tea, and living an entirely stress-free life full of zero tension is a little, well, unachievable, there are a few other solutions for softening frown lines and limiting the tension in your jaw and forehead. 

1. Meditate 

Meditation can come in a million and one different forms. So if sitting in a dark room alone with your thoughts is anything but relaxing, you might find your meditative state in activities like walking, swimming or yoga. The key is to slow down your racing mind, relax your shoulders and let any pent up anger or tension go. 

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2. Breathe as though you’re blowing up a balloon

We’re talking deep, intentional and present inhales and exhales. When it comes to stress related anxiety, it’s important to gain control over your breath. Try filling your chest for three seconds and exhaling for four.

3. Look at your face

Sit in front of a mirror and study your ‘resting’ face. Some of us naturally furrow our brow without even realising. Consciously unclench your jaw and keep your forehead soft, taking in exactly what this feels like. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to identify when you are clenching and break the habit. 

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4. Boost your collagen 

Increasing your body’s amount of collagen will help to plump out and soften existing lines. 

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Of course, these wellness practices will also provide better results when paired with an effective skin care routine. Here are some superstars we’re currently loving: CEMOY Timekeeper Eye Serum,  Elucent Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser SPF 50+,  CeraVe Eye Repair CreamSkin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Mask

Do you have any tips to prevent worry lines?

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  1. I work as a Carer on the Special Needs School Bus so i work a split shift doing the morning and afternoon runs. We pick the kids up at their homes and then get them to school safely and then home again.

  2. stress is legit the poison for so many things that we deal with everyday. Its a killer for so much in our body and around our body, we just need to tone it down. Its difficult to do with such a crazy busy world now adays…

  3. Meditation is so not my thing. I know it’s valuable, but all I can think about is all the other things I could be doing instead. I do enjoy walking my dog though. It’s the only time I get to switch off my brain for a bit, but still feel productive. Being a busy mother of five, until my kids get older (quieter) meditation to go is a must.

  4. I find myself frowning a lot when I’m concentrating at work which is left me with a nice deep line between my eyebrows. I was considering Botox but I’ve decided to embrace any new wrinkles I get

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