Strange ingredients in beauty products

Strange ingredients in beauty products

You might not even realise it, but many of your beauty products could contain some of the weirdest, wackiest and even grossest ingredients. But, don’t fret – these ingredients actually give your skin and hair some incredible benefits!

Read on to discover the super strange but oh-so good ingredients lurking in your products…


You wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that bacteria is the last thing that would be good for your skin, given we cleanse our bodies of bacteria every day with hand washes, body washes and cleansers. Well, according to the experts, a particular line of good, live, probiotic bacteria can help to support and balance the skin’s protective moisture barrier.

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Those slimy little creatures produce a substance called mucin which is a protein rich in amino acids that are ideal for helping to hold moisture in the skin. The benefits? Softer, more hydrated and irresistibly smoother skin. You can find it in products such as face creams and sheet masks. Hello, hydration!


There’s no denying that the lip and skin plumping trend is on the up and up, and one key ingredient that many beauty brands are taking on board to achieve natural plumping benefits is bee venom. But don’t be fooled into thinking using bee venom on your skin is going to be as painful as a bee sting – these lip plumpers and skin care products only contain a very small amount of the venom to gently plump and fill out the skin. Before using any products containing bee venom, it’s vital to do a patch test first, just in case you have an allergic reaction.

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Do you dream of silky, strong hair and glowing skin? Placenta capsules may just be your ticket to glossy locks and healthier skin. I know you’re probably a little squeamish at the thought of ingesting a sheep’s placenta (yep, it comes from a sheep), but it’s actually very rich in proteins which are just what your hair and skin need to be stronger and healthier.


Yep, you read that correctly – cultured HUMAN skin cells! Cells have always been harvested to help heal burn wounds, but this eventually led to adding them to skin care formulations. These cultures are loaded with proteins, growth factors and other ingredients to help improve skin health. Although it might sound pretty gross, it makes sense when you think about it!

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