How to update your skin care for Spring

How to update your skin care for Spring

As the harsh winds of winter ease and the office heating begins to cool down, it’s important to remember your skin care routine needs updating the same way your wardrobe does. Skin concerns and priorities change as the seasons do, and we should update our skin care kits and routines accordingly. We spoke to Danielle Williams, ANZ Education Specialist for Jurlique International to get the lowdown on what should be our top skin priorities and go-to products as the weather warms up.

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“The end of winter heralds the time to remove any dead skin cells,” says Williams. Professional facials are a great way to do this, however “at-home mask treatments will [also] help to revitalise and detoxify the skin ready for summer.”

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The main priority in transitioning into spring should be to “[replenish] the moisture that the colder months depleted from your skin.” This can be done by using an oil booster (such as Paula’s Choice Moisture Renewal Oil Booster), “to supplement the nourishing benefits of your moisturiser,” says Williams*. If you haven’t previously incorporated a serum into your skin care routine, “Spring is a great time to start. Serums are concentrated, light weight, penetrate easily and directly target [specific] skin concerns.” Alternatively a product such as Pure Essense Antidote Replenish Facial Bar will incorporate the hydrating effects of an oil booster and cleanse skin at the same time.

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A key tip is to lighten the texture of your products come the warmer months. You no longer need heavy moisturisers to lock in moisture, and are much more likely to be layering sunscreen as a part of your daily routine (even though you should be wearing sunscreen all year-round). This means you don’t need thick formulas sitting underneath your makeup. “You will likely find that your richer creams and cleansers are more suited to the evening for makeup removal and overnight nourishment,” says Williams. “[For] Spring weather, choose a lotion based moisturiser and foaming cleanser for day time use.”

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And while we know sunscreen is hugely important year round, we sometimes need a reminder in the lead up to summer. Foundations and day creams with SPF are an added bonus, but make sure to apply sunscreen underneath your makeup every day.  A few of our favourite formulas include: Abeeco SPF50 Total Protection Face + Body Natural Sunscreen, Avene Sunscreen Lotion SPF50, Clinique SPF50 Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for Face

*Williams recommends seeking professional recommendations prior to renewing products as skin can change according to the climate and lifestyle.

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What do you do to update your skin care kit? Do you find your skin changes as the weather warms up?

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