Why spring cleaning your beauty routine will transform your complexion

Why spring cleaning your beauty routine will transform your complexion

We don’t know about you guys, but here at bh, we think spring-time is the absolute bomb. Not only do we get off on spring cleaning our home but getting to wear a brand new wardrobe – hello pretty sandals – and let’s not forget the increased temperatures.

But while you’re out frollicking and enjoying the warmer days, spare a thought for how your complexion is faring. Winter has a track record for wreaking havoc on your skin. With heaters blasting warm air and cold temps dipping outside, winter can leave the skin on your face looking lacklustre and feeling rough.

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Learn how to transition your skin with ease from winter to spring with an updated beauty routine.

When the temperatures change so does your skin. “When this happens, you contend with dehydration, dryness, itchiness, and build up of dead cells, all of which make your skin look dull and uneven,” explains Venustus skin clinic owner, Jeannie Bourke. “And when the epidermal surface cells completely dry out, it can become difficult for serum to penetrate deeper into the skin.” Noooo!

Sensitive skin? Pay special attention!

Sensitive skin types seem to have the worst reaction to temp changes (both indoors and outdoors) so if your skin falls into this group, your rescue remedy should consist of a special concoction of ingredients. “Jojoba is great in helping to strengthen the skin’s uppermost layer that prevent irritants from penetrating it,” says Jeannie. “And german chamomile, lavender and calendula can help to repair irritation.

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Is your skin feeling tight and dry?

If your skin’s looking dull, feeling tight, has more lines than usual and is generally uneven looking, it’s more than likely dehydrated. “You can make simple tweaks to your kit by including a serum, moisturiser and face mask that include hydrating oils,” says Jeannie. “Any products with peach kernel, rosehip, rose essential oil, apricot, neroli essential oil, frankincense and organic carrot extract will give your skin a moisture hit.”

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You can also make a beeline to radiant, dewy skin, by applying a potent face mask, that targets dehydrated skin, at least once a week. If you’re using a cream mask, instead of washing it off, drench your skin with moisture by wearing it to bed.

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Spending more time outdoors?

As the days get longer and warmer, the danger of UV damage beings to increase. UV radiation can cause damage to our skin even in spring. Think sun spots, blotchy skin and fine lines. To get an idea of how high the UV levels are during your lunch-time stroll, download the SunSmart app. Set your location and it will reveal what the UV forecast is and between what times of the day sun protection is recommended.

But it’s also time to get sunscreen-diligent again and start applying it every single time you go out in the sun.

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Does your skin still feel rough?

Another easy way to rejuvenate your skin for spring time is exfoliating. The process of exfoliating removes the buildup of dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull but also clog your pores. Regular exfoliation will speed up the renewal of skin cells, strip it of impurities that cause black and whiteheads and help to remove dry flaky patches. But it also allows serum, moisturiser and masks to penetrate your skin more easily and sometimes deeper.

But just how often should you exfoliate? It’s a good question because over-exfoliation can cause your skin to break out and lead to inflammation and sensitivity. So don’t do it more than three times a week. And be sure to use one that suits your skin type. Got congested skin? Try a charcoal-infused scrub that works to attract and lift toxins and impurities from your skin. Sensitive skin? Go for a gentle cream exfolitaor.

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What does your spring skin care routine consist of? Is your skin still dry and itchy from winter?

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