Spice up your life

Spice up your life

Fear not: I have not, repeat not, gone Spice Girls barmy following my admission yesterday that Posh is my idol. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I’m offended: you really should check in more often. Click here for a quick de-brief.

Anyway, back to today: no I’m not getting Posh passionate again, I’m actually just wanting to go on holiday. To Morocco actually (if anyone has a spare ticket or wants a travel companion I’m your gal). Have suitcase, will travel. But alas, one day before payday is perhaps not the best time to dash off, so I will continue the virtual jet-setting theme of the week (not long left to enter the Prestige Cosmetics Around the world in 80 days competition) and bring a little bit of spice to my life (or my bathroom to be precise) with these products that all have a little kick…

Platypus Dreams Spice Trader Gourmet Exfoliating Natural Soap is amazing. Sure the name is a bit of a mouthful, but you only have to say it once as it lasts forever.

Ella Baché Invigorating Body Spice is an intensive, fast-absorbing gel that says ta, ta to cellulite in no time.

I’ll be doing the whole androgynous thing and dabbing on a bit of spicy cologne… Calvin Klein cK IN2U POP for Him is perfect with its middle notes of neroli and cardamom. Cute bottle too.

Jo Malone Bath Oil in Nutmeg & Ginger is ideal for washing away all my weather woes, plus its scent transports me to magical Morocco.

So there we have it: my four, fiery, Moroccan-inspired treats. Who needs holidays when you can get everything you’re after right here?

How would you spice up your beauty regime?

Top left image: PETA

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