Spare a thought for the boys

Spare a thought for the boys

Oil: it’s a perennial problem for me, though I do tend to forget about it a little more on days like this (it’s raining cats and dogs in Sydney today). And I’m not talking cooking or car engines, I mean the shiny face, glasses-slipping-down-my- nose-on-a-hot-day kind.

On the up side, I’ve come to accept that being a man has its bonuses – mainly being able to pull over for a ‘rest-stop’ at any point on a highway and also not having to worry (most of us anyway) about shaving 90 per cent of our bodies.  But it also has its downsides and having naturally thicker, much more oily skin is one of them.

Hitting the age where I probably should start thinking about my encroaching crow’s feet and forehead wrinkes, I know I should be wearing a sunscreen every day. But in an age of oil-free moisturisers is there actually anything I can use that’s not going to turn me into an oil slick?

Thankfully there is (they’re clever these cosmetics companies). So if you suffer my fate, or know someone who does, here are a couple of products designed to keep your glasses on your face and the sweat off your back through the summer months:

Sun creams for the face:

Dermalogica oil free matte block SPF20

NIVEA SUN Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF30+

Moisturisers with SPF:

AHAVA Protective Moisturizing Fluid SPF15 for Men

QV man moisturise SPF30+

And for the body:

Ambre Solaire Sun Protection Men’s SPF25

Clinique Sun With SolarSmart SPF25 Body Spray

With the heat of the summer holidays looming (hopefully) I know what I’d like to find at the bottom of my Christmas stocking.

Does your man have a grooming crisis or concern?

Matt Horsburgh is our resident boy blogger – you’ll be hearing from him again soon beauties…

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