Sort your serving sizes: Portion control for beauty products


As humans, we like to think we can’t have too much of a good thing, but the truth is, we can – and beauty products are no exception to the rule. Just like food, serving size matters if you want the best results! How many times have you left the house with greasy-looking hair not because you didn’t wash it, but because you overdid it with the styling prods? When it comes to your hair’s little helpers, the saying ‘less is more’ definitely rings true.

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Overusing hair products not only weighs down your mane, but your wallet, too. If you can cut down on how much pomade or hairspray you use, it’s a win-win. So, let’s have a lesson on portion control…

It’s easy to go overboard with shampoo, but there’s really no need to pack it on. For short hair (above the shoulders), squeeze out a raspberry size, and for long, a kiwi slice will suffice. Concentrate the suds on the roots, and stop lathering about halfway down.

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Filling your palm with conditioner spells disaster. Too much conditioner will only weigh your hair down, so instead, use just enough to coat your strands from the mid-shaft to the ends. Use a cherry-sized portion of product for short hair, and two raspberries’ worth for long locks. If you have especially coarse or dry hair, add about a third of the initial serving size.

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Too much serum leads to – you guessed it – greasy strands. Depending on your hair length, two to three drops of product is plenty. Use your fingers to evenly comb it through your hair – and stay away from the roots. They don’t need it.

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Styling cream is best used sparingly. Remember: you can always add more product, but you can’t take it out! Measure out enough cream to match the size of a ten cent coin. Spread it evenly on your palms and apply to your hair starting a couple of inches from your roots.

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Mousse is light but concentrated, and too much of it can cause the dreaded crunch effect. When you want to add a bit of life to your locks, use a golf ball as a guideline for the amount of mousse to use. Lightly pat it between your palms and finger-comb from root to tip.

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Less is always more when it comes to products that stick. Waxes and pomades are meant to be strong-hold, so a little goes a long way. Using an almond-sized amount should get the job done. If you’re not happy with the look, you can always add more.

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Distribute your hairspray light and evenly, and at an arm’s length. Short, heavy bursts of spray close to the head will only leave you with stiff, wet-looking sections of hair. No, thanks!

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Reason #4161728161 why we love dry shampoo: you only need one short burst of it per section. Spray close to the scalp, and repeat for particularly oily strands.

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Do you need to go on a beauty product diet? What hair products do you use way too much of?

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  1. I use a bit more than a kiwi fruit sized dollop of shampoo on my long hair, but it’s oily – I’ve tried using less & it’s still oily by the time it air dries. I have to double-shampoo, too; otherwise, my hair gets oily by the next day.

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