Life begins at 20

Life begins at 20

There’s no shortage of anti-ageing products on the market that help fight the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots and the rest. But for those younger women (some might say ‘lucky’ women) who haven’t got lines, wrinkles or age spots, skincare is a whole other ball game.

Women in their twenties experience a sort of skincare limbo – they no longer need to be using products that target those pesky pimples from their teen years yet at the same time, their skin has not yet begun to show the major signs of ageing. And while women in their twenties can rejoice in this fact, it can make choosing the right skincare products even more confusing.

Nowadays, 20-year-olds don’t have to sit around for the next ten or so years waiting for that first wrinkle before they can use some quality skincare products. A number of skincare brands have recognised this gap in the market and have released ranges designed specially for those enjoying their second decade of life.

Last year, Dr.LeWinn’s launched Puressence, a line of skincare products including a cleanser, masque, serum and eye gel, that are targeted at women aged 20 and over. As well as caring for younger skin now, it also aims to help prevent premature ageing and lay the foundations of a good skincare regime. The Puressence Day & Night Fluid is one of the standout products in the range, protecting and purifying skin both day and night.

SK-II is also getting in on the act. It is launching Aqua Physics, a gel and serum which keep skin supple, hydrated and feeling nothing less than amazing. On shelf from April 1, the Aqua Physics products are designed to be used with one of the brand’s hero products, the Facial Treatment Essence.

So to those 20 year olds out there, enjoy your wrinkle-free skin and the great new skincare ranges created just for you!

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