Hear it for the boys

Hear it for the boys

Some things are better when they go faster. Like waxing, multi-step skincare routines and, as I personally confirmed yesterday, jet boat blasts around Sydney Harbour.

Yep, thanks to a joyride on the Thunder Jet with the Nivea For Men crew, I not only have a new need for speed, I have a fresh list of products worth pinching from a guy’s grooming bag.

But first things first: why would Nivea For Men take a decidedly girly lipstick-lover like me on a joyride? Because they know that the odd guy drops into beautyheaven (nobody does love razor burn, bad hair days or those pesky premature wrinkles) and that girls often call the shots on their skincare anyway. We can get a little bossy about which products make it into the bathroom cabinet. Or, at least, I can.

So after a throttle-thrashing zip across the water, the assembled (mostly) women of the beauty media got the low down on some new, Extreme grooming gear – and why exactly so many men find shaving such an ordeal (and embrace Movember so enthusiastically).

I’ve got to admit that I’ve never had much sympathy for their situation (let’s talk surface area and the fact that our three-day growth is never called ‘rugged’ or ‘sexy’, shall we?), but that was before I knew that most men spend around 140 days of their lives shaving 84km of super tough stubble from their faces. And they’re scraping off sheets of skin with every move. Now I finally get it.

And why Nivea For Men spent serious laboratory time developing a new Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel and Post Shave Balm to deal with itches, irritations and shaving burns. Soaked with calming chamomile and licorice root, they work to minimise and repair the havoc wreaked by his razor, and, to be honest, leave the skin feeling so lovely a girl could get jealous.

Extreme Comfort products aren’t on shelves until February, so more on them later. But, you know what, there are some things worth stealing from a guy’s stash in the meantime…

I’ve been nicking my boyfriend’s Nivea For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel for years (it’s perfect for legs stressed by summer’s shaving schedule) and love a spot of Cooling After Shave Balm on a soupy summer day. They’re both great for unscheduled sleepovers and other left-mine-at-home emergencies.

I actually like them so much they’ve become a bargaining chip in the battle for bathroom real estate. I’ll give him an extra inch if he lets me take whichever of his grooming goodies I like. Isn’t compromise a beautiful thing…

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