Skin SOS

Skin SOS

After a week of thinking, talking and, ok, obsessing just a little, over skin here in bh, I hope yours is glowing and gorgeous just in time for the weekend. Fingers crossed you’ve been able to solve some of your complexion conundrums, considered how diet and sleep show on your face and discovered your ideal skincare routine.

But even when you finally have your skin sorted and it seems to be behaving, it can still play up from time to time. Groan. Whether it’s hormonal breakout, under-eye circles or dastardly dryness, those pesky little freakouts always seems to happen when you want to look your very best. Double groan.

That’s why every bathroom should be stocked with a few quick-response skin savers for emergencies. Top of the list is an anti-bacterial toner such as Garnier Pure Pore Purifying Astringent. Now, I’m not suggesting squeezing zits is ever a good idea, but if you’re going to do it, at least wipe the area with a cotton pad soaked with a little of this before and after, please.

And regardless of skin type, we all need a moisture mask for times when skin is crying out for major hydration, say after a long-haul flight or too much sun. Avene Instant Soothing Moisture Mask is the traditional creamy kind and Clinique Moisture Surge Facial Sheet Mask is the pre-moistened, face-shaped cloth that is becoming more popular. Take your pick, both quench dry skin.

Eyes need more TLC than the rest of the face, which is why we should all be using a dedicated eye cream morning and night. But for those times when you wake up with extra baggage or smudges the colour of thunderclouds underneath your peepers, a cooling gel can come to the rescue. Pevonia Botanica C Evolutive Eye Gel is one of those little face-fresheners that acts quickly to minimise darkness and puffiness. Just tap it in and let it go to work.

So now you know, there’s no need to ever let your skin get you down again. Phew.

What are your top skin savers? 

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