Skin care beauty trends for 2016

Skin care beauty trends for 2016

We recently revealed 11 beauty trends that will be big in 2016, but let’s be honest: Everyone knows the basis of a bangin’ beauty look is gorgeous skin.

This year, a flawless complexion is everything. We’re taking cues from these stunning supermodels, who take such good care of their skin that they hardly need to wear any make-up. #BeautyGoals. 

Now more than ever, make-up directors across the globe are also emphasising the importance of good skin care – take it from the VS Angels’ make-up artist, Hung Vanngo

Below, we talk to Clarins Head of Training, Charlotte Turner, to discover the top trends, treatments and product picks for achieving stupendous skin in 2016… 

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Q: What are the top skin care trends set to be big business this year? 

A: 2016 looks to be a continuation of the brightening trends of 2015. Products that fight pigmentation and dullness with primarily plant-based ingredients and are respectful of trends in sustainability will continue to excel. The younger consumers’ appetite for facial contouring products continues to be limitless, with instant brightening products continuing to grow at the same time that facial slimming and shaping products increase in popularity.

Try:Avon Anew Clinical Infinite Lift Complete Sculpting Cream, Skin Physics Dragon’s Blood Facial Sculpting Gel

Q: What is the inspiration behind these trends?

A: Youthfulness is defined by the skin’s natural radiance and elasticity and consumers are increasingly participating in LED treatments to target brightness.  The trend is to take a preventative approach through skin care as part of a daily plan to fight dullness and optimise the skin’s natural glow

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Q: How does skin care in 2016 differ from 2015?

A: The focus is increasingly on products that create instant brightness, whilst delivering long-term brightening benefits as part of a daily program. Serums are becoming more staples of a daily routine, as more consumers are participating in cosmetic procedures and utilising serums as their home care maintenance. 

Try:NeoStrata Enlighten Illuminating Serum, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

What’s your biggest skin care concern right now? Do you want to make your skin more glowy? 

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