4 clever skin care tips for younger-looking eyes

4 clever skin care tips for younger-looking eyes

Though we may curse our crow’s feet constantly, the lines around our eyes mark a life full of laughter, love and fun.

But that also doesn’t mean we can’t try our darndest to at least minimise the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and all the other fun signs that come along with age (or lack of sleep, thanks kids).

Lucky for us, eye bags and dark circles are two things we can do something about, with a little help from some skin care tricks.

So pop these in your back pocket the next time you need to look wide-eyed and awake, and your soothed and smoothed peepers will thank you for it.

#1 Try a cold compress

Whether you prefer to pop some spoons in the fridge or be like Kate Moss and plunge your entire face into icy water, a cold compress can help to depuff the eye area, reducing the appearance of bags. The cooling sensation helps to stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling, which can be particularly effective on morning eyes. Our only advice is to never apply ice directly to the skin. Instead, wrap it in a moist towel or cloth if you’re going to try this method.

#2 Seek the help of a superstar product

If you’re after instant visible results (um, yes please), Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector and Eye Bags & Dark Circles effectively diminish eye bags and dark circles from the very first application. In fact, both get to work in just minutes. The highly concentrated formula of active ingredients makes these a product like no other, and as such, the application is a little different to most skin care.

To get the best results, follow the step-by-step provided with the chosen product carefully. Key things to remember are to start with clean skin, use the recommended amount and warm it up before applying. After this, you’ll need to keep still and expressionless for 2-3 minutes while the product gets to work.

You’ll know it’s working when you start to see a decrease in fluid retention, a tightening of skin and a reduction of the visibility of dark circles. Sound good? The best part is that it also works well with makeup, providing the perfect prep for a fresh and youthful look.

#3 Colour correct before concealing

Rather than piling on layers and layers of a cover up that matches your skin tone, look to the colour wheel to cancel out your dark circles.

Colour correcting products that have tones of orange or red are typically best for counteracting purple and blues. By applying these underneath your concealer or base makeup, you’ll find you need less product to create a camouflage. 

#4 Teach yourself lymphatic drainage techniques

Treating yourself to a lymphatic drainage massage as part of your skin care routine is not only a great act of self care, but it can help with fluid retention in the face too.

So if eye bags are your main bugbear, find yourself a tutorial on YouTube and you’ll soon discover there are plenty of pressure points and movements you can do with your fingers to increase blood flow. Not only will this help nix your under eye bags, but it can depuff other areas of your face too.

Have you tried any of these techniques? What’s your best tip for younger looking eyes?

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  1. Love that we learnt no.4 from bh at the EA event that night last year when we had a lot of fun pampering ourselves with EA products!! Oh the memories of before Covid! Yes so I do the tricks we learnt that night and I use a special pink quartz gesha tool to do it with too.

  2. Need something for my under eye bags which are hereditary, currently using a face roller and FreezeFrame revitaleyes which help a tiny bit. Have used the ordinary caffeine serum as well for a while.
    I’m often told I look tired, even when I’m not. Very self conscious of my eye bags.

  3. I suppose Remescar would be a good fix for those days when you want to look extra good. I don’t think it’s a product I’d use every day because I’m more into products that give long term benefits rather than temporary.

  4. I think that whatever products you use, once you reach your senior years it is very difficult to look very young and I guess one should be grateful that one has been lucky enough to live a long life.

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