4 skin care cheats for lazy girls

4 skin care cheats for lazy girls

Strapped for time or just CANNOT muster the energy for an entire seven-step skin care routine? We’ve all been there. Yep, even beauty editors forgo toner and serum for extra couch time watching The Bachelor or falling into bed after a long day.

To take care of your skin with very little effort, follow these sneaky tips…


Save time and your hard-earned cash by stocking up on a cleanser, toner and make-up remover in one. It’ll give you squeaky-clean skin in seconds flat without the hassle of switching from one product to the next.

bh product picks: Natio Renew Gentle Toning Facial Cleanser, AHAVA Time To Clear All in 1 Toning Cleanser


Ditch the anti-ageing serum, moisturiser and sunscreen and kill three birds with one stone with a moisturiser that ups your hydration levels, targets pesky lines and wrinkles and protects your complexion from the sun’s harmful rays.

bh product picks: Lacura Skin Science WrinkleStop Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 15, Olay Regenerist Complexion Corrector Cream SPF 15


No matter how old you are, a night cream is essential for those who like to wake up with dewy, healthy-looking skin (so, everyone). For the best results, choose one that’ll deliver a whole bunch of benefits to your skin, including anti-ageing, deep hydration, antioxidants and nutrients. That way, you can skip the serum and facial oil.

bh product picks: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Night Cream, NUXE Merveillance Expert Night Cream


If there’s one thing you MUST do to take care of your skin, it’s to remove your make-up every single night. Firstly, even if you moisturised your skin before applying make-up, all that foundation/powder/bronzer as well as air conditioning, dry air and wind will have sucked a fair bit of moisture out of your skin.. Secondly, leaving your make-up on when you sleep deprives your skin of breathing, so it’s more likely to look tired and dull when you wake up. And finally, make-up has a bad habit of clogging your pores with grime and oil, which can lead to – you guessed it – breakouts.

So, if you want pimple-free, brighter skin in the morning, embrace the product sent from the beauty gods: make-up wipes. The best part is, you can even lie in bed while using them. Major win. Bonus points for slapping on a moisturiser afterwards!

bh product picks: Balance Active Formula 6 in 1 Cleansing Facial Wipes, Models Prefer Deep Clean Cleansing Wipes

Are you lazy when it comes to taking care of your skin? Will you by trying any of these cheat’s tricks?

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