The trick that’ll give you your clearest skin yet

The trick that’ll give you your clearest skin yet

We love finding new tricks to get clear skin. ‘Buffering’ is the latest one and we  you’ll be implementing it into your skin care routine.

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I’d say we’re all more familiar with the buffering that our computers do. But this isn’t that kind of a buffer. To figure out what this buffering is all about, we need to take a step back and talk about retinol.

What is retinol?

If you’re not familiar with retinol, it’s a pure form of vitamin A that happens to be an anti-ageing powerhouse. It helps fight wrinkles, acne and pigmentation by stimulating cell turnover and increasing collagen. What more could a gal want?

Retinol comes in a range of forms from serums and oils, to treatments, moisturisers and more. But the one thing it always is? Powerful. That’s where buffering comes in…

beautyheaven loves the Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment and Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel.

What does buffering have to do with retinol?

Retinol is a really potent ingredient. Only small amounts and concentrations should be used because it can irritate the skin and lead to redness and flakiness. So when we talk about buffering in your skin care routine, we’re talking about diluting your retinol. Mix it in with a plain moisturiser for a more gentle effect that can still help you fight the signs of ageing.

How do you know if you should buffer your retinol or not?

If you’re just starting out with retinol, or if your skin is sensitive or dry, it’s a good idea to throw a simple moisturiser into the mix. Once you’ve built up a tolerance, you can slowly phase your buffer out. (You can also try a product that includes a buffer cream with it, like the Dermalogica Age Smart Overnight Retinol Repair 1% & Buffer Cream.)

Need a plain moisturiser to use as a buffer? beautyheaven loves NS-7 Nutri-Synergy Dry Skin Moisturiser and QV Face Ultra Calming Moisturiser.

Do you use any retinol in your skin care routine? Have you ever buffered your retinol?

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