10 New Year’s skin resolutions to make for 2020


Sure, ‘drink less’ and ‘exercise more’ are always strong resolutions to take into the new year, but what about your face? Yep, we’re calling it: 2020 is the year of skin resolutions.

So if like us, you’ve set your sights on brighter, clearer, happier skin this year, we recommend you reset your routine accordingly. Here are the skin care resolutions we’re committed to sticking to in 2020.

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#1 – I will wear SPF every single day

Headed to the beach? SPF. Off to the office? SPF. Planning to sit in a pitch black cave completely shielded from the sun’s rays? SPF. Yep, there’s really no place protection doesn’t belong, and while we all know that committing to our ‘screen routines is our best chance at keeping your face firm, plump, and all those magical things, it’s still a step many skip. Until now. 2020: the year of SPF every day. And no, unfortunately the SPF in your base isn’t going to cut it – in fact, you’d actually need to pack on about seven times the amount of foundation you would regularly apply for the SPF level on the packaging to be effective. It sure doesn’t hurt to apply a protective base over your regular sunscreen, but it’s not enough to wear solo.

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#2 – I will wash my makeup brushes

Think this doesn’t really relate to your skin? Wrong. Swiping a filthy makeup brush or beauty blender across your precious face will transfer all kinds of germs, bacteria and nasties that you certainly don’t want calling your complexion home (especially seeing as they’re bound to invite acne over eventually). Is it the most enjoyable task? Nope. But throw on an ep of your fave show, and just get on with it – your face will thank you with the ultimate reward: flawless skin.

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#3 – I will not fall asleep with my makeup on

It’s easy to do – one minute you’re ‘just resting your eyes before a thorough double cleanse’ and the next it’s 8am and your panda eyes and filthy foundation could rival Snooki’s circa 2009. Allow us to scare you out of the habit – sleeping in your full face beat clogs pores, triggers breakouts, sets off sensitivity and can even speed up the aging process. Very scary stuff. The moral of the story? Don’t do it – but if you’ve done it (again, don’t) and you need to save face ASAP, at least give your skin the TLC it needs after a rough night.

#4 – I will not touch my face

Whether you’ve fallen into the trap of picking at blemishes or just happen to lean your chin on your hand as you concentrate, it’s officially time to cease any hand-to-face contact. Your hands carry all kinds of dirt, bacteria and oil that can easily transfer to your skin – so keep them away, okay? The only time we’re granting permission for face-touching is when your hands are freshly washed and coated in cleanser, serum or moisturiser in a bid to better your complexion, not worsen it.

#5 – I will actually change my pillowcase

We’ve all read it a million times, but it’s time we actually put it into practice. Snoozing on a dirty pillowcase is basically the equivalent of building a cushion out of filthy beauty blenders – the bacteria and grime stuck on the surface goes straight into your skin. Try not to wait more than a week between washes, and opt for twice-weekly washing if your schedule permits. We recommend picking up a pillowcase of the silk variety – they’re as gentle as they are luxurious.

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#6 – I will keep it consistent

Got the whole cleanse and moisturise thing down? Great. It’s time to round out your routine, making steps such as twice a week chemical exfoliation and once a week masking mainstays as well. Splashed out on a tool to help a specific skin issue that’s been bugging you? Don’t just keep it for special occasion skin needs – as with anything, consistency is key. Daily or weekly use (depending on the intensity of the device) is the best way to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

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#7 – I will review and refine my routine

If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau skin-wise, it’s time to take a closer look at the topicals and treatments you’re relying on. As we get older, our skin changes along with us, and requires routine updates as it evolves. A visit to a derm can be a great way to figure out what’s working, what’s not and what you can do to ensure your product line-up is a perfect fit for your 2020 face.

#8 – I will remember there’s skin on my body too

Be honest: when you think skin care, does your body even flit across your mind? Probably not. And while focusing on your face is totally fair, it’s important not to forget that there’s plenty more skin space on our bodies, and it needs to be cared for too. Try to follow the same steps you would with your complexion: keep it clean, moisturise daily, apply an oil if you’re feeling particularly dry, and keep up the exfoliation to ensure your products can all get where they need to be without any barriers (we’re looking at you dead skin).

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#9 – I will prioritise sleep

Just in case your freshly washed pillowcase isn’t tempting enough, allow us to remind you that a good night’s sleep is a major player in the ‘getting your best skin ever’ arena. And there’s no point slathering on that lush (and expensive) night cream if you’re only giving it five hours to work its magic – but a good eight or nine hours will give it plenty of time. Having trouble winding down? Try taking magnesium an hour before bed to help ease your mind and relax your body.

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#10 – I will wash my face, even if I don’t know what I’m washing off

Didn’t wear makeup today? Good on you, you bare-faced beauty. But that doesn’t mean you can collapse into bed without cleansing. The pollution particles you encounter during the day are so tiny that they can get trapped in your pores and cause some serious trouble (irritation, breakouts, etc.). Also, because we know you’re absolutely wearing SPF on a daily basis now (if not, revert back to #1), we’re sure you’ll want to wash it off properly and nail your night-time routine before bed.

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Are there any other skin resolutions you’ll be making this year?

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