9 skin care hacks to revolutionise your routine


We talk a lot about hair and make-up hacks, but what about poor old skin care?

The best beauty looks start with great skin – which means any extra tips or tricks we can sneak into our skin care routines are absolutely invaluable.

From a sensational sunburn-soothing trick to an unlikely make-up remover that works EVERY time, these stellar skin care hacks are your ticket to a #flawless complexion…

1. Mix face oil with moisturiser

Starting to feel the skin-drying effects of the cooler weather? Instead of adding 10 additional hydrating steps to your skin care routine, take an easy shortcut and mix a drop of nourishing face oil into your moisturiser. Then apply to your complexion as usual for a #nextlevel glow! You can also add face oil to your foundation for a more moisturising, dewy finish.

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2. Transfer formulas from jars to pump bottles

Have you ever noticed how lotions and potions in jars always seem to run out ridiculously quickly? This could be because you’re accidently scooping out too much product. To nail your portion control, simply dispense the formula from your jar into a pump bottle. Just make sure you give the new container a thorough clean before you transfer the product – and use a spatula to ensure you get every last bit!

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3. Use a speedy, hydrating face spritz

A light spritz of a hydrating face spray won’t just give your skin a hit of hydration – it’ll also help refresh your make-up, leaving it looking expertly blended, airbrushed and dewy! How’s that for a double-duty beauty hack?

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4. Keep your eye cream in the fridge

A refreshing last step in your skin care routine, a chilled eye cream is just the thing for puffy lids – especially when you’re battling away in a stifling, steamy bathroom! Not only does it feel great, it will help take away puffiness and boost circulation to the skin.

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5. Tame those crazy caterpillars

Personally, I’m all for a slightly dishevelled brow look, but if you prefer more polished eyebrows, use your go-to facial sunscreen to smooth those stray hairs back into place. This trick also provides extra sun protection – but if you’d prefer to save on sunscreen, a bit of lip balm can also work wonders.

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6. Freeze your aloe vera gel

This is a handy hack for summertime or any mid-winter tropical getaway, so take note! Aloe vera gel ice cubes are great for soothing sunburn. Simply squeeze the gel into an ice tray, sit tight until it’s frozen, then rub the cubes gently over the area for added relief.

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7. Go DIY with make-up removal

We’re all for a nourishing make-up remover (micellar water is my go-to), but if you’ve run out, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil work just as well. Don’t believe me? Check out these testimonials from our members! Just make sure you rinse off the oil thoroughly to prevent breakouts.

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8. Target wrinkles with your ring finger

Concerned about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Some experts say applying skin care with your ring finger will help to stop them getting worse. Why? Your ring finger is the weakest finger, so it’ll do the least tugging – especially on the delicate skin around your eyes.

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9. Open up your pores

If you’ve ever had a facial, you probably experienced the wonderful sensation of warm cloths draped over your face. Not only does this feel #amazing, it helps open up your pores and allows your cleanser and exfoliator to work their way into your skin (instead of just sitting on top). Simply run the cloth under hot water (not too hot, though), drape it over your face and take three deep breaths to allow the steam to work its magic on your skin.

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Do you use any of these skin care hacks? What other skin care tricks have you tried?

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